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A lot has happened in the world over the past week. Have you been paying attention? Here's your current events quiz of the week.

In what country did al-Qaida-linked terrorists attack a mall?
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1) Canada

2) Indonesia

3) Kenya

4) Mali

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On Sept. 21, an estimated 10-15 gunmen affiliated with the al-Qaida linked African militant group Al-Shabaab attacked customers and took hostages in the upscale Westgate shopping mall in the capital of Nairobi.

What is the death toll from the Kenyan attacks?
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1) 68

2) 112

3) 72

4) 54

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According to Kenyan officials, at least 72 people were killed in the four-day siege at the mall, including six Kenyan security personnel and five terrorist attackers. At least 175 were wounded in the attacks, and it has been reported that 11 terrorists are in custody.

What is the reason for the Al-Shabaab attack in Kenya?
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1) Kenya's alliance with the United States

2) Kenyan military forces in Somalia

3) Strict anti-Muslim laws in Kenya

4) Attack is believed to be random

Kenyan military forces in Somalia
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Al-Shabaab has been threatening attacks inside Kenya since late 2011, when the Kenyan army invaded southern Somalia to assist the Somalian army in cracking down on terrorists and warlords. The attack is believed to be meant to cause the Kenyan public to cease support for the presence of Kenyan military personnel in Somalia.

How long did Sen. Ted Cruz, R-Texas, filibuster in his support for a bill defunding the Affordable Care Act?
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1) 21 hours

2) 7 hours

3) 24 hours

4) 17 hours

21 hours
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After exactly 21 hours and 19 minutes speaking about why he believes the Affordable Care Act should be dismantled, Cruz was forced to give the floor so that a vote could proceed on a House budget defunding the act.

How many states has the federal government set up health care exchanges for after the states declined to do so?
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1) 25

2) 17

3) 9

4) 36

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After 36 states declined to set up and operate their own health care exchanges, the federal government stepped in and will run and operate them.

Which Middle Eastern leader wrote an op-ed article in the Washington Post calling for greater cooperation and discussion between his country and the United States?
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1) Hassan Rouhani, president of Iran

2) Bashar al-Assad, president of Syria

3) Shimon Peres, president of Israel

4) Jalal Talabani, president of Iraq

Hassan Rouhani, president of Iran
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In an op-ed article, Hassan Rouhani called for an increase in dialogue between the United States and the Islamic Republic in an unprecedented step up in calls for better relations from leaders of what has long been considered an enemy of the United States in the Middle East.

What unusual step did Hassan Rouhani take at the United Nations General Assembly?

1) Acknowledged the Holocaust

2) Agreed to stop Iran's nuclear program

3) Called for peaceful relations with Israel

Acknowledged the Holocaust
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Denying the Holocaust — in which Nazi Germany systematically eliminated 5.9 million Jews (and 12 million Slavs, and millions more of other ethnicities) — has long been a staple of Islamic regimes in the Middle East, so it comes as no small surprise when Rouhani acknowledged that the Holocaust was a real thing.

While the statement has been met with goodwill abroad, at home in Iran it is believed that the statement will put Rouhani in hot water with the country's far right and Islamic groups.

Who won the prime-time Emmy for best variety show?

1) "The Daily Show with Jon Stewart"

2) "Conan"

3) "The Colbert Report"

4) "The Jimmy Fallon Show"

"The Colbert Report"
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"The Colbert Report" managed to break "The Daily Show's" decade-long winning streak in the category.

True or False: Angela Merkel was voted out as Chancellor of Germany.
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In the 2013 Federal Elections in Germany, Merkel and her party, the Christian Democratic Union, managed to gain even more seats in Germany's parliament , gaining a total of 72 seats. Merkel's approval rating continues to hold strong.

True or False: John F. Kennedy traveled to Utah on Sept. 26, 1963, to congratulate the state on its success in education.
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While JFK did come to Utah on Sept. 26, 1963, and ended up spending a large portion of his speech discussing public education in Utah, his stated reason for coming was to discuss conservation.

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