USC coach Lane Kiffin was in full-on respect mode last week when he referred to Utah State as “a big-time team that doesn't have the big-time name that fans necessarily recognize, but if you put them in different uniforms you'd say, 'Wow, that's a great team.'"

No disrespect to the Aggies, but the way USC has played this year, Rock On isn’t sure Kiffin would recognize a big-time team if he saw it.

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The Los Angeles Lakers have added a color.

The tradition-steeped Lakers have given in to merchandising pressure by adding a black uniform option, which includes purple lettering and yellow trim. Which brings the number of NBA teams that have, at some point, worn black to pretty much everyone.

Why not just swap uniforms a few times a year and save the money?


Last week was maybe the weirdest BYU-Utah week ever.

Ute players were seen in a YouTube video pretending to baptize one another, which some considered religious mockery. Meanwhile a photo surfaced showing BYU linebacker Spencer Hadley apparently partying down in honor code (or possibly NCAA) violation. Speculation is that the photos were timed to get Hadley suspended, which he was.

Accusations flew on both sides of the red-blue line, even more than usual.

Sources say the rivalry has become so intense that officials are thinking of asking fans of both teams to watch Retirement Living TV until 2016 when they next meet.


San Diego Chargers coach Mike McCoy, a former Ute, took time last week to say he thinks the Utah-BYU series should stay strong.

“I’m not there, but I’m sure it is. I don’t see why it would get any smaller,” McCoy said. “To true Ute fans, besides other fans down south, it’s always a big game …”

Hmmm. Fans down south, eh?

Almost sounds a little Urbanized, doesn’t it?


Jamie Moyer, the pitcher who won two games at age 50 and a World Series at 46, told The New York Times he wants to be remembered as “just being a guy that didn’t want to go away.”

Kinda like those Dennis Rodman diplomatic trips to North Korea, isn’t it?

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Japanese baseball commissioner Ryozo Kato has resigned in the wake of a juiced baseball controversy.

Rock On sources say American baseball’s Bud Selig told Kato, “Don’t worry about it. These juice controversies always blow over.”