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Since the mass shootings in Newtown, Conn., left 28 people dead — many of them children — gun control has been a hot-button topic in the news. This week's mass shooting at a naval base in Washington, D.C., has captured the media's attention and again raises the question about gun violence.

In the nine months of 2013, there have been at least 16 mass shootings — four or more people killed, as defined by the FBI, though killing sprees covering several days and those directly related to drug and gang violence are often overlooked — using firearms in the United States. A total of 83 people have died from these firearm related massacres.

This list recount 16 such shootings. An infographic showing locations of the massacres can be seen at the Huffington Post.

Jan. 7, Tulsa, Okla.
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On Jan. 7, four women were killed in their apartment in Tulsa, Okla. Brothers Cedric Poore, 39, and James Poore, 32, are charged in the slayings.

All four women — twin sisters Rebeika Powell and Kayetie Melchor, 23, Misty Nunley, 34, and Julie Jackson, 55 — were mothers and were killed.

A 3-year-old boy was found unharmed in the apartment.

The Poore brothers were arrested later that month.

Jan. 19, Albuquerque, N.M.
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Nehemiah Griego, 15, is accused of shooting and killing his family in their home in Albuquerque.

Griego is accused of shooting his mother while she slept and then his brother and sisters with a family owned semi-automatic rifle. He stands accused of ambushing his father as he came home from work, and allegedly was planning on driving to a Wal-Mart and carrying on the massacre before being arrested.

The victims of the shooting were Greg Griego, 51, his wife Sarah Griego, 40, Zephania Griego, 9, Jael Griego, 5, and Angelina Griego, 2.

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March 13, Herkimer County, N.Y.
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Kurt Meyers, 64, allegedly opened fire in a barbershop in Mohawk, N.Y., on the morning of March 13, killing two before fleeing to the town of Herkimer and killing two more at an auto shop.

Meyers was eventually shot and killed after a shootout with police in an abandoned home in Herkimer.

The victims of his rampage in Mohawk were Harry Montgomery, 68, and Michael Ransear, 57.

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April 18, Akron, Ohio
Summit County Jail

Derrick Brantley and Deshanon Haywood, 21-year-old brothers, were charged with murder in the deaths of four adults — Ronald Roberts, 24, Kem Delaney, 23, and 19-year-olds Kiana Welch and Maria Nash — who were shot in the basement of Ronald Roberts' town home in Akron.

April 21, Federal Way, Wash.
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Dennis Clark III, 27, shot his live-in girlfriend, Justine E. Baez, 24, in the Pinewood Village Apartment complex they lived in. He then killed three witness, including two in the parking lot — Ceasar A. Valdovinos, 23, Bradley Fischer, 47, and Roland L. Scobee, 62.

Scobee was attempting to call police when Clark shot his door open and killed him. Clark was then killed in a shootout with responding police officers in the parking lot.

April 24, Manchester, Ill.
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Rick Odell Smith, 43, allegedly stormed into a house in Manchester, Ill., killing five members of the same family, presumably over a custody argument over a child with one of the family members. Smith is accused of killing five people before fleeing the premises and handing over injured 6-year-old Kassidy Ralston to a neighbor and engaging in a shootout with police before being shot and killed.

The victims were James Roy Ralston, 29, his pregnant girlfriend and mother of his children Brittney Luark, 23, and Luark's grandmother Jo Ann Sinclair, 67. Two children killed were Brantley Ralston, 1, and Nolan Ralston, 5.

May 10, Fernley, Nev.
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Jeremiah Bean, 25, is accused of breaking into an old couple's home and killing them, then three days later killing the newspaper delivery man and another couple nearby in the rural town of Fernley in northern Nevada before being arrested a few days later.

The victims were Robert and Dorothy Pape, both 84, newspaper delivery man Eliazar Graham, 52, and couple Angie Duff, 67, and Lester Leiber, 69.

May 11, Waynesville, Ind.
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Samuel Sallee, 55, is the main suspect in the killing of four people who were found dead in a home in what appeared to be a drug deal gone wrong.

Methamphetamine was found in the small brick house in the small town of Waynesville. A rifle and a knife are believed to have been used in the killings of Katheryn Burton, 53, her boyfriend Thomas Smith, 39, and two 41-year-old friends Aaron Cross and Shawn Burton.

The house had been ransacked and several minor items stolen, according to police, and all the victims suffered multiple gunshot wounds.

June 7, Santa Monica, Calif.
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John Zawahri, 23, allegedly killed his father and brother at home with a homemade assault rifle before carjacking a woman and her vehicle and forcing her to drive around while he shot another two victims before being gunned down by police at Santa Monica College.

The victims were Zawahri's father Samir Zawahri, 55, and brother, Christopher Zawahri, 24. The other two victims shot as Zawahri drove around the college campus were Carlos Navarro Franco, 68, and his daughter Marcela Franco, 26.

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July 26, Clarksburg, W.Va.
Clarksburg Police Dept.

Sidney Muller, 27, was arrested after what appeared to be a drug deal gone wrong left four people shot and killed.

Muller is accused of shooting and killing Todd Russell Amos, 29, and Christopher A. Hart, 26, in a neighborhood in the town of Clarksburg. Freddy Donald Swiger, 70, and his son, 47-year-old Fred Swiger, were delivering newspapers to the neighborhood when they stumbled upon the scene and also were killed.

Muller was arrested while he was attempting to flee the area.

July 26, Hialeah, Fla.
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Pedro Vargas, 42, allegedly went on a shooting rampage in his apartment building, killing the two building managers, a family of three and another man. Vargas was then killed by a SWAT team he had called before the shootings. He reportedly claimed that people practicing witchcraft were trying to hurt him.

The victims were Italo Pisciotti, 79, Camira Pisciotti, 69, Carlos Javier Gavilanes, 33, Patricio Simono, 54, Merly Niebles, 51, and Priscilla Perez, 17.

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Aug. 7, Dallas, Texas
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Former teacher and Dallas Mavericks hip-hop dancer Erbie Lee Bowser, 44, was charged with attacking the homes of his ex-wife and current girlfriend, killing both of them and their children, as well as injuring four other people in the rampage before being arrested.

The victims were his ex-wife, Zina Bowser, 47, and her daughter, Neima Williams, 28. His girlfriend, Toya Smith, 43, and her daughter, Tasmia Allen, 17, were killed at their house. Two additional family members were injured at each house, leaving four people in critical condition after the attacks.

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Aug. 11, Omaha, Neb.
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Nikko Jenkins, 26, is accused of shooting four people after being released early from prison after a decade. Three of the four had no connection to Jenkins, according to police. Jenkins allegedly went on a rampage throughout the city with no noticeable pattern.

The victim who knew Jenkins was Curtis Bradford, 22. Other victims were Juan Uribe-Pena, 26, Jorge C. Cajiga-Ruiz, 29, and a mother of three returning home from work, Andrew Kruger, 33, who was pulled from her car at a stop light and shot.

Aug. 14, Oklahoma City, Okla.
Oklahoma City

Daniel Livingston Green, 40, was arrested and charged with murder after his mother, sister and her two children — Sallie Green, 57, Rebecca Cizek, 34, Katherine Cizek, 16, and Amario Dominguez III, 6 months — were found shot to death in their home.

Sept. 11, Crab Orchard, Tenn.
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Jacob Allen Bennett, 26, has been arrested in the deaths of four people found in a car some 50 miles west of Knoxville.

Danielle Jacobson, 22, and passengers Steven Presley, 17, Dominic Davis, 17, and John Lajeunesse, 16, were found in an SUV on a trail on Renegade Mountain.

Bennett — who was on parole since March for a six-year sentence from 2010 — is suspected as having known at least one, possibly two, of the victims, though police do not know for certain what his motive could be.

Sept. 16, Washington, D.C.
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Aaron Alexis, 34, a former Navy reservist and current government contract employee, went on a killing spree at the U.S. naval base in the District of Columbia, killing 12 people and wounding multiple more with three firearms. Alexis was eventually killed after a gun battle with police.

The victims at the base were Michael Arnold, 59, Martin Bodrog, 54, Arthur Daniels, 51, Sylvia Frasier, 53, Kathleen Gaarde, 62, John Roger Johnson, 73, Mary Francis Knight, 51, Frank Kohler, 50, Vishnu Pandit, 61, Kenneth Bernard Proctor, 46, Gerald L. Read, 58, and Richard Michael Ridgell, 52.

Alexis was known to have mental health issues and a criminal past.

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