Quarterly, the Deseret News posts a “News by political cartoons” list, which highlights the news stories of the past few months captured in witty cartoon form.

From Syria and minimum wage debates, to the royal baby and performance enhancing drugs in baseball, here are 39 cartoons that show a glimpse into the world and nation over the last three months.

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40 Regulating sugary beverages
39 U.S. immigration
38 Supreme Court, DOMA
37 Supreme Court, Proposition 8
36 U.S. economy
35 Egypt struggles
34 Part- and full-time employment
33 Obamacare
32 Snowden stuck in Moscow
31 Detroit bankrupt
30 The royal baby arrives
29 Funding Obamacare
28 Anthony Weiner
27 Middle class America
26 Government surveillance
25 The Boston Globe, the Washington Post Sold
24 Performance enhancing drugs, baseball
23 U.S.-Russian relations
22 Paying for Obamacare
21 Privacy, law
20 Drones, privacy
19 Egypt
18 GOP, economy
17 Area 51
16 Administrative scandals
15 Higher education costs
14 Israeli-Palestinian talks
13 Syria, Iran and the U.S.
12 Reaction to Miley Cyrus on VMAs
11 Chemical warfare in Syria
10 Debt limit
9 Indecision in Syria
8 Medical Marijuana
7 Minimum wage debate
6 War with Syria
5 Head injuries and the NFL
4 Rodman in North Korea
3 McCain plays poker
2 U.S. Unemployment
1 Other list

See our other "News by political cartoons" list from the beginning of the year.