BYU’s Taysom Hill is a quarterbacking sensation.

Just don’t ask him to use his arm.

Hill led the Cougars to a 40-21 win over Texas on Saturday, rushing for 259 yards. But his season passing stats are another matter: 22 for 66 with two interceptions and a touchdown.

Which makes for perfect timing in one sense.

With Tebowmania finally dying down, isn’t this the perfect time to find a new faith-based quarterback who can run but can’t pass?


Former Ohio State coach Jim Tressel is teaching a course this fall at Akron called “General Principles of Coaching.”

No truth to the rumor Bobby Petrino is preparing a similar course at Arkansas Tech called “General Principles of Motorcycle Safety.”


The Internet is awash in stories about printers that do what replicators did in the “Star Trek” series.

One video shows a wrench being produced on the spot by a high-tech printer.

Sources say the printers are so good that they actually expect to soon be able to replicate Manti Te’o’s girlfriend.


Indianapolis Colts rookie John Boyett was arrested last week for disorderly conduct and resisting law enforcement.

The Indianapolis Star reported that he told police, “You can’t arrest me … I’m a Colts player.”

No, it didn’t work any better when Aaron Hernandez tried it.


Utah receiver Dres Anderson said last week that being the son of NFL star Flipper Anderson gave him notoriety — but not too much.

“I was like a normal kid, but everybody knew who my dad was. Everybody was like, ‘That’s Little Flipper. That’s Little Flipper right there.’”

Apparently the name association doesn’t become a problem unless you’re the son of Rod “He Hate Me” Smart.


A blogger for real estate website Movoto.com has released his list of 50 funniest cities in the United States.

Nobody in Utah made the cut.

Obviously the blogger wasn’t around to see the crowd scattering at LaVell Edwards Stadium when the storm hit on Saturday.


It’s been weird, uncomfortable and unprecedented.

BYU has had two-hour storm delays in each of its first two weekends of football.

Rock On isn’t saying Heaven is against the Cougars, but sources say they are being told to prepare for 40 days and 40 nights of rain before their next game.