We're in the dog days of summer, and that means no NBA news. And this year there's even less than usual due to the labor dispute and lockout. So while we can't really tell you about the future of your Utah Jazz, we can share some facts about the team's past. We'll start by taking a look at recent Jazz draftees and seeing where they've ended up. We'll work back in chronological order from the 2011 draft. For lists of previous draft picks, click here and here.


No. 9 - Trey Burke
No. 27 - Rudy Gobert

Burke was picked up from Minnesota with the No. 14 and 21 picks, filling a glaring need for the Jazz at point guard.

Utah traded their No. 46 pick and cash considerations for the No. 27 pick to Denver which translated into Rudy Gobert from France.


No. 47 - Kevin Murphy

This second round draft pick is not currently under contract for the next season. It remains to be seen how this pick will pan out.

Kristin Murphy, Deseret News

No. 3 - Enes Kanter
No. 12 - Alec Burks

These two recent lottery picks will be thrust into a more active role in this make-or-break season with the possibility of losing any combination of the following three players: Paul Milsap, Al Jefferson and Mo Williams.

Mike Terry, Deseret News

No. 9 - Gordon Hayward
No. 55 - Jeremy Evans

Jazz fans booed the Hayward pick but cheered for the rookie later in the year. He ended the season with a 34-point game, played 72 games for the team and averaged about 5 points and 2 rebounds.

Evans made the team despite long odds and averaged just over nine minutes a game, producing averages of 3.6 points and 2 rebounds.

August Miller, Deseret News archives

No. 20 - Eric Maynor
No. 50 - Goran Suton

Maynor, a solid young player, appeared in 26 games before being traded to Oklahoma City along with Matt Harpring's salary to save the Jazz cap space.

Suton, meanwhile, didn't make the opening-day roster.

Tom Smart, Deseret News

No. 23 - Kosta Koufos
No. 44 - Ante Tomic
No. 53 - Tadija Dragicevic

Koufos played two seasons for Utah and was traded to Minnesota as part of the deal to land Al Jefferson.

Tomic and Dragicevic have yet to play in the NBA regular season and seem unlikely to do so in the future.

Scott G. Winterton, Deseret News

No. 25 - Morris Almond
No. 55 - Herbert Hill

Almond suited up for 36 games over two seasons for the Jazz and scorched the NBA's developmental league while, Hill's rights were traded to Philadelphia for center Kyrylo Fesenko.

Both Almond and Hill are out of the NBA now.

Mike Terry, Deseret News

No. 14 - Ronnie Brewer
No. 46 - Dee Brown
No. 47 - Paul Millsap

Brewer played parts of four seasons in Utah, was traded to Memphis for a future draft pick and played 81 games last year with Chicago.

Brown played for three teams and is out of the league while Millsap is the true story of the trio. He became a valued backup and then a starter for the Jazz. The power forward has missed only 12 games in five seasons and has never shot below 50 percent from the field in a season. In his first year as a started he averaged 17 points per game last season.

Tom Smart, Deseret News

No. 3 - Deron Williams
No. 34 - C.J. Miles
No. 51 - Robery Whaley

Williams, or D-Will, simply became one of the elite point guards in the NBA. The Jazz traded him last season for draft picks and players because the team feared losing him as a free agent.

Miles remains with the Jazz and needs to improve his consistency but is still young and probably hasn't reached his ceiling after coming to the NBA from high school.

Whaley appeared in 23 games, scored 49 total points and is out of the NBA.

Jason Olson, Deseret News archives

No. 14 - Kris Humphries
No. 16 - Kirk Snyder
No. 21 - Pavel Podkolzine

Kris Humphries played two seasons for the Jazz before being traded for Rafael Araujo. He is currently a New Jersey Net and is famously engaged to Kim Kardashian. He made enough NBA money to buy her a 20.5-carat ring.

Snyder was also traded, had a four-year NBA career and played overseas.

Podkolzine was immediately traded to Dallas and eventually played 28 minutes over two seasons.

Nick Short, Deseret News archives

No. 19 - Aleksander "Sasha" Pavlovic
No. 47 - Maurice Williams

Both players were solid NBA performers but Williams, taken in the second round, became an All-Star.

The Jazz sniffed out his talent but didn't keep it and he blossomed playing for the Bucks and Cavs. Cleveland was also home to Pavlovic for most of his six-year career where he was never more than a role player.

Jeremy Harmon, Deseret News archives

No. 19 - Ryan Humphrey
No. 47 - Jamal Sampson

Both players were traded to Orlando for Curtis Borchardt, a center who could never stay healthy enough to stick in the NBA. He continued his career in Spanish and French leagues.

Carlos Boozer was the 35th pick in the same draft and Tayshaun Prince was available when the Jazz selected Humphrey.