10 The Differences

"I like how much BYU differs from the U. That is what makes the rivalry so sweet." — April Hugie, Biology, West Jordan

9 Fan spirit

"The BYU fans have a lot of spirit — the stadium is always full." — Mercedes Manzanares, Exercise and Sport Science, West Valley City

8 Exceptional people

"I admire that they demand their athletes to be exceptional people as well as athletes." — Ande Miller, Psychology and Social Science education, Taylorsville

7 Rich history

"The football program has a rich history, which fans enjoy remembering." — Steve Mundee, Exercise and Sport Science, Salt Lake City

6 Bronco

"I admire Bronco Mendenhall's attitude toward not giving up." — Matt McCoy, Business and Finance, Provo, Utah

5 Academics

"I admire the academics. I was a visiting student at BYU for a semester and I can tell you I had way more homework when I was there." —Amber Shimp, Accounting, Vancouver, Wash.

4 Enrollment standards

"Maintain high standards for enrollment." — Jason Faull, English, Albuquerque, N.M.

3 Family ties
Laura Seitz, Deseret News

"I have respect for BYU. My sister graduated from there, my mom went there. It’s a Utah school, and with Utah being home, when it represents home I’ll respect them. I'm still very competitive. With me being an LDS kid, I respect their standards and the way they have kids follow those types of standards. With athletics, I think I’m just competitive. I have a lot of respect for them but don’t ask me that when the game comes. — Michelle Harrison, Master's in Education, Culture and Society, Orem

2 Sense of community

"I admire the sense of community around the campus, which I feel is lacking at Utah. I think that community feeling stems from most students having religion in common. — Mike Paap, Math Education, San Diego, Calif.

1 Religious standards

"I appreciate what a high standard BYU holds its students to. Not just the religious aspects, but appearance and other standards as well." — Cameron Walters, Math Education, Sacramento, Calif.