Do you consider yourself up to date? Do you have the news on while cooking dinner? Enjoy talking about foreign policy with your friends at the gas station?

Well, let's see how well you paid attention this past week. Test your knowledge of events that made the news. Some are funny and some are serious. How well do you know them?

If you ace the quiz, you get a cookie … OK, that’s a lie, unless you happen to have a cookie nearby you were saving for a special occasion.

In what city is the upcoming G20 summit going to be held?
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1) Salt Lake City

2) Paris

3) St. Petersburg, Russia

4) Dublin, Ireland

St. Petersburg, Russia
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The upcoming G20 Summit — the meeting of leaders of the top 20 economic powers — will be held in St. Petersburg on the Baltic coast Sept. 5-6.

The summit will come in the midst of icy personal relations between Presidents Barrack Obama and Vladimir Putin and the Syrian crisis.

What was the final vote count on the British Parliament's vote to not intervene in Syria?
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1) 52-48

2) 272-285

3) 321-236

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Amid fears of another Iraq, and despite the country's support for the U.N. backed NATO intervention in the 2011 Libyan civil war, the British Parliament last Thursday decided against an intervention in Syria, despite British Prime Minister David Cameroon previously stating Britain would support efforts to halt the use of chemical weapons.

How long has Stubbs, the feline mayor of Talkeetna, Alaska, been mayor?
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1) 15 years

2) 5 years

3) 12 years

4) 3 years

15 years
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Stubbs quickly went from nothing but a tailless kitten left at the town drugstore to renowned and respected mayor of the small Alaskan town, when 15 years ago the orange tabby was chosen over all the human candidates to lead the town. The 16-year-old tabby is recovering from a vicious dog attack that some suspect is a move by his opposition.

How hot is the reflection off of London's "Walkie Talkie" building (in Fahrenheit)?
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1) 100 degrees

2) 200 degrees

3) 117 degrees

4) 150 degrees

150 degrees Fahrenheit
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Capable of boiling an egg on the sidewalk, melting the interior of a luxury Jaguar XJ and setting fire to furnishings in a little shop across the street, British journalist James Waterson calls the experience of sitting outside the building for 10 minutes "deeply unpleasant."

In what country was a 6-year-old boy attacked and had his eyes gouged out in a gruesome attack?

1) China

2) Canada

3) Brazil

4) Poland

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A 6-year-old boy was attacked by his aunt last week in northern China. Many believe his aunt gouged his eyes out to sell on the organ trade black market. The boy survived and is currently recovering in a hospital.

What is the estimated number of refugees from the Syrian civil war?
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1) 1 million

2) 3 million

3) 750,000

4) 2 million

2 million
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The U.N. refugee agency estimates that up to 2 million people have fled the country to seek shelter from the violence. They often wind up in overcrowded and under-funded refugee camps, especially in Jordan.

What animal did Egyptian authorities arrest for being a suspected spy last week?
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1) A Cat

2) A Stork

3) A Squirrel

4) A Cow

A Stork
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Egyptian authorities "arrested" a stork after mistaking its migration tags for spy equipment.

This isn't the first time sinister animals have been up to no good. In 2007, Iranian authorities bravely stopped a "team" of 14 squirrels from "taking action" against one of the country's nuclear facilities.

Which country's president used Twitter to wish Jews a "Happy Rosh Hashanah?"

1) America

2) France

3) Iran

4) Israel

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Iranian President Hassan Rouhani took to Twitter to wish "all Jews, especially Iranian Jews" a happy Jewish new year.

True or false: Fidel Castro, Communist leader of Cuba for nearly half a century, died on Tuesday.
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False: It was Ariel Castro.
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The man sentenced to more than 1,000 years in prison for kidnapping, raping and holding 3 women hostage in his basement hung himself in at the Correctional Reception Center in Orient, Ohio on Tuesday.

Unfortunately this didn't stop Twitter users from making the hashtag #FreeCuba go viral, assuming because his last name Castro that Ariel was busy running the Communist controlled island nation when he wasn't at his house.

True of false: Utah Attorney General John Swallow is currently being prosecuted.
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