Throughout the month of August, the Deseret News has feverishly published comprehensive information about every single high school football program in the state of Utah. It's safe to say the sheer volume of information about Utah high school football on goes unrivaled in the Utah sports media market.

In Utah high school football, there are 103 teams, 15 regions and six divisions, but only one question on hand today: how much high school football knowledge has sunk in to your mind during the month of August?

Take our high school football quiz based on the 103 team-by-team previews the Deseret News high school sports team has published throughout August and find out.

Note: The answer to every question can be found in at least one of our high school preview articles. To make it easier, here's a page that links to every single one … and don't feel guilty if you look for the answers. It's an open-book quiz.

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Title Town

Of all the teams in Region 1, which has won the most state football championships?

a. Davis

b. Layton

c. Northridge

d. Syracuse

a. Davis

The Darts have won seven high school state football championships in its 97 years of high school football. They have also won 28 region titles and have won 550 games all-time.

Only West High school has won more games, but they needed 118 years to do it.

Scoring average

Which of the teams in Region 2 would have held the highest per-game scoring average for all of 5A in 2012 if it weren't for Jordan High School?

a. Cottonwood

b. Granger

c. Taylorsville

d. Hunter

b. Granger

The Lancers averaged roughly 34 points per game in 2012. Cottonwood averaged roughly 20 points per game, Taylorsville 11 and Hunter 25.

The SEC of Utah

Which region did a high school football coach call "the SEC of Utah?"

a. Region 4

b. Region 1

c. Region 8

d. Region 3

d. Region 3

Copper Hills head coach John Teuscher called Region 3 the SEC of Utah, and with good reason. Region 3 features perennial power Bingham, defending 5A state champion Jordan, Alta, Brighton and West Jordan.

Cottonwood formerly was part of Region 3, but departed to make room for Bingham.

Tie game

What two teams hold the distinction of playing in the highest-scoring tied game between two Utah schools?

a. Granger and Logan

b. Dixie and Timpview

c. American Fork and West

d. Jordan and Wasatch

c. American Fork and West

The game, played in 1984, was called after three overtimes due to darkness. The final score was 30-30.

Record crowd

Which high school football state title game holds the record for attendance?

a. Mountain Crest vs. Sky View, 1987

b. Timpview vs. Lone Peak, 2004

c. Alta vs. Bingham, 2008

d. Skyline vs. Orem, 1993

a. Mountain Crest vs. Sky View, 1987

The 3A championship was played in USU's Romney Stadium and drew 19,887 fans. This shouldn't surprise fans in Cache Valley — they know that Sky View and Mountain Crest are fierce rivals. The fact that neither school had to travel virtually at all for the championship certainly helped as well.

Mountain Crest won that game, 9-7.

Record breaker?

In 1989, Kitt Rawlings rush for 423 yards in a game. People asked if it was a state record, but nobody knew because no one had compiled the records.

What team did Kitt Rawlings play for?

a. East

b. Viewmont

c. Lone Peak

d. Woods Cross

d. Woods Cross

Incidentally, Kitt Rawlings didn't get the record. He was 11 yards short and is currently third all-time in rushing yards in a single game.

Lone Peak High School didn't exist until 1997.

Seasoned program

Which of these programs is the oldest, meaning it has played more seasons than the other options?

a. Corner Canyon

b. American Fork

c. Murray

d. Orem

c. Murray

The Spartans have fielded a team for 95 years, but they weren't always known as the Spartans. In the early years, the Murray High School football team was known as "The Smelterites" in homage to the many smelters and industrial plants in the town.

Orem's team is 84 years old, American Fork's is 87 years old and Corner Canyon, a brand new high school, has never fielded a team.

Let it end

What two teams hold the distinction of playing the longest game in Utah high school football history?

a. Snow Canyon and Dixie

b. Provo and Pleasant Grove

c. Layton Christian and Altamont

d. Park City and Juab

b. Provo and Pleasant Grove

Provo won a thriller in 1982 when the Bulldogs and Vikings battled it out for four quarters and seven overtimes. Yes, seven overtimes.

The final score was 51-44.

High turnover

Which of these teams has had a different head football coach each of the last four years?

a. Delta

b. Payson

c. Ben Lomond

d. Lehi

c. Ben Lomond

The Scots are a troubled program to be sure. They have only won three football games over the last four years.

During that stretch, many of the players on the Ben Lomond sidelines have abandoned the team by mid-October. In fact, retaining players is a chief concern of first-year coach Aaron Dooley.

Note: The original question included Bonneville as an option, which our fantastic commenters have pointed out is also correct. So, we switched Payson for Bonneville and re-worded the question.

Road woes

A team from which of these regions will travel the farthest to play an in-state regular season away game for the 2013 season?

a. 3AA South

b. 2A North

c. 1A

d. Region 5

c. 1A

The Rich Rebels will travel to Kanab on Oct. 4, 2013, a distance of 402 miles that will require the Rebels to leave Utah and enter I-80 in Evanston, Wyo. Google maps estimates the trip to take 6 hours and 25 minutes, though it will probably last longer in a school bus.

The ride down might not be so bad, but the ride back could be miserable, especially if Rich loses.

The worst possible scenario, however, would occur if no showers are available for Rich in Kanab. That would be one smelly ride back to Randolph. Roll the windows down, boys.

Cougar Country

Former BYU kicker Riley Stephenson holds a state-record 194 extra points kicked during his four-year high school career.

Where did he play?

a. Dixie

b. Snow Canyon

c. Desert Hills

d. Pine View

d. Pine View

Stephenson's primary role with the BYU Cougars was that of punter, though he did kick extra points and field goals in 2012. He was a 2012 Ray Guy Award semi-finalist and a Phil Steele All-American.

The perfect season

Which of these coaches took a current 3A North team to a state title and perfect record in his first season as head coach?

a. Jack Hannum

b. Frank Klekas

c. Les Hamilton

d. Jeff Jorgensen

a. Jack Hannum

Hannum led the Union Cougars to a perfect 10-0 and their first state championship in 1965, his first with the team. He is only one of eight coaches in Utah high school football history to do so.

Mascot roll-call

Which of these mascots does not belong in 3A South?

a. Eagles

b. Rabbits

c. Wildcats

d. Wasps

a. Eagles

The Delta Rabbits, the Manti Templars, the Juab Wasps, the North Sanpete Hawks, the Canyon View Falcons and the Richfield Wildcats comprise the 3A South Region.

Among the other teams in Utah that use the Eagle as their mascot is Layton Christian Academy, a 2A school, and Maple Mountain, a 4A school.


One team from the 2A North region features a starting senior quarterback who broke his arm as a freshman. What is that quarterback's name?

a. Tyson Moosman

b. Grayson Jackson

c. Doyle Holt

d. Barack Obama

a. Tyson Moosman

Moosman broke his arm in practice in 2010 during a Gunnison Bulldogs practice. His coaches described him as "the scrawniest kid" on the field.

Now, however, Moosman's coaches describe him as one of the strongest on the team.

"He can throw the ball better than I ever dreamed he could," Gunnison head coach Yori Ludvigson said. "He has pretty good speed so he can run some, which will be nice."

The express

Tanner Brown is one of two Utah high school football players to rush for more than 5,000 yards in his high school career.

What high school did he play for?

a. Bingham

b. Pine View

c. Logan

d. Grand

e. Provo

d. Grand

Tanner Brown rushed for 5,060 yards from 2003-06. He finished his career 603 yards short of breaking the all-time rushing record for the state of Utah held by Granger High School's Fahu Tahi.

Brown was recruited by seven different colleges, including BYU and Utah. He made it clear he was most interested in the University of Colorado at the time, but in the end he never landed on a college roster.

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