At last, pro football returns to Los Angeles.

OK, it’s not the NFL.

Members of the rock band Kiss have purchased an Arena Football League franchise and decided to call it the L.A. Kiss.

Which raises a big question: What is the league going to do if the Spice Girls buy a team?

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British soccer team Macclesfield Town was looking for a way to raise cash, so it came up with a unique plan: Allow a fan to play in a preseason match for a $15,000 fee.

Forty-year-old James Gorfin took up the offer. All went well until he pulled a groin 10 minutes into the match. So the whole deal cost him $1,500 per minute.

Which raises an intriguing prospect: When a player gets hurt, why not have him pay the club, instead of the reverse?

By that measure, Rock On figures Carlos Boozer owes the Jazz at least $30 million.


Weber State’s football program is being investigated by the NCAA for possible academic violations.

The school said it became aware of the issue last spring.

On one hand, it’s a terrible blow if the Wildcats are sanctioned.

But after seeing them go 2-9 season last year, Rock On has to ask: You mean they weren’t already on probation?


BYU football coach Bronco Mendenhall continues to show his sense of humor.

After joking about his decision to put slogans on his team’s jerseys, he later addressed a string of injuries by asking media members if they had eligibility remaining.

No, but Rock On is available to call plays from the booth if things go south with that newfangled up-tempo offense.


Tennis star Maria Sharapova raised eyebrows when she hired tennis bad boy Jimmy Connors as her coach. But the relationship lasted only one match before she fired him.

That’s kinda what Chris Evert did to him, isn’t it?


LeBron James was recently called to jury duty and he showed up — but the case was dismissed.

Sources say when the term “calling witnesses” was mentioned, James asked if it had anything to do with his Nike campaign in Cleveland.


Sochi Olympic officials say they plan to have something extra in their gold medals next year: pieces of a meteor that exploded over Russia last February.

So is it fair to say if LoLo Jones wins gold, she truly is a space cadet?