BYU football coach Bronco Mendenhall has done some offbeat things. He once had players carry slogan coins in their pockets for an entire season. He initiated the phrase “Quest for Perfection” — which wasn’t as perfect as he’d hoped — and compared his players to scriptural heroes.

But what really got people going was last week when he announced he would have the word “Tradition,” “Spirit” or “Honor” on the backs of all jerseys.

A few hours later he hastily retreated, saying the names would only apply to the Homecoming game.

No truth to the rumor he’s planning on adding “Chaste,” “Benevolent” and “Virtuous” to the jerseys for 2014.

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Mendenhall made up for the judgment lapse by entertaining media with a good natured, self-deprecating monologue on Friday.

“You know how you might get your wife something for your anniversary, and you think you’ve done a great job and you can’t wait for her to open it, then you get that look like, ‘that wasn’t such a good choice’? That was kind of the way I was feeling at that point.”

So maybe Rock On’s gift card to Smashburger actually wasn’t the worst-ever anniversary present.


Mendenhall added that after his idea was unanimously rejected by a team vote, he knew he needed to make a public retraction.

Said Mendenhall: “I’m glad (wife) Holly was out of town.”

Just wondering: Did she leave before or after all this happened?


Karl Malone is in charge of making Enes Kanter into an All-Star.

The Jazz’s frontcourt coach has been working with Kanter this summer. But last week a picture appeared on the Internet, featuring the Mailman and Kanter, displaying their catch of the day, a half-pound bluegill.

Here is Rock On’s vision of how the summer workouts are going:

Malone: “Plant your feet, use your strength and leverage, stay on balance and get your opponent to commit!”

Kanter: “Enough already about fishing! Can we talk about basketball now?”


Jimmer Fredette appeared in Provo early this month to help promote a good cause.

The event, called the “Stop Bullying Jimmerosity Jam 3-on-3,” was to teach kids acceptable ways of interacting.

Of course, scoring 47 points and making a half-court shot against Utah was kinda like bullying, wasn't it?


Headline in “ Basketball Coach Sees Something in 7’3” Sophomore.”