The Utes spent much of their first day of football camp working on speeding up the offense. They plan to utilize a no-huddle spread attack to quicken the pace.

Likewise, BYU plans to speed its offensive tempo, snapping the ball in fewer than 12 seconds.

In the spirit of cooperation, Rock On has agreed to eat his pregame meal in under five minutes — soft drink, coleslaw, chips and roll included.

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Ex-Jazz forward Andrei Kirilenko has opted out of a $10.2 million contract in Minnesota so he can play for Brooklyn Nets owner Mikhail Prokhorov for just $3 million.

Kirilenko’s explanation: He wants to go for a title.

Or maybe he just likes Prokhorov’s proposal of making him the Ivan Drago of basketball.


Washington Redskins coach Mike Shanahan is old school.

How old?

He said last week he doesn’t use Twitter or even have an email account, though he does text on a limited basis.

Sources say Shanahan plans to send a telegram to each of his players this month, warning against overexposure to the sun, which could cause the vapors.


Utah State quarterback Chuckie Keeton admits to having a serious jones for the board game Monopoly.

He has been known to play for nearly six hours at a time with roommates.

“Whenever I thought of the college experience growing up,” he said, “Monopoly wasn’t part of it.”

Neither was playing in the Potato Bowl, but hey, learning is what college is about, right?


First-year USU coach Matt Wells is an optimist.

How so?

On Aggie media day he was asked about following Gary Andersen in Logan, to which he replied, “Players make plays and players win games. Fifty thousand people don’t come to a game to see nine coaches and a head coach run up and down the sidelines.”

Considering Romney Stadium seats only 25,513, he must be expecting a big walk-up gate for home games.


Due to campus construction, Washington State is holding its fall camp in Lewiston, Idaho. Players are being transported via yellow school bus to the Sacajawea Junior High fields, 45 minutes away.

Sounds to Rock On like a hot, smelly ride.

On the bright side, every 50 minutes a bell sounds and a new gym class comes out and does jumping jacks with them.