Most BYU fans expect players like Kyle Van Noy, Cody Hoffman, Jamaal Williams and Eathyn Manumaleuna to play major roles in 2013, but who else will step up? Here are 10 players already in the program set for breakout campaigns in 2013 based on respective practice observations, comments from coaches and respective position need.

None of the following are sure bets for breakout seasons, but could provide big contributions should they continue on course.

1. Bronson Kaufusi, 6-foot-7, 270-pound defensive end, sophomore

Kaufusi is the surest bet of anyone on the roster to have a breakout year.

The Timpview product was able to play a big role on last year's defense despite returning from LDS mission service in late July. This year he enters the season with a full year of offseason workouts under his belt along with added weight to help him take on blocks more effectively.

Kaufusi is the likely starter at one defensive end position and is the second-most experienced defensive lineman on the team.

2. Alani Fua, 6-foot-5, 215-pound linebacker, junior

A breakout performance in any practice session often translates to breakout performances during game time.

Fua's performance last spring consistently drew raves from defensive coaches who are now talking about using him extensively in their defensive scheming. Fua plays outside linebacker and will be on the field at the same time as standouts Kyle Van Noy and Spencer Hadley in a 2-5-4 formation, according to coaches.

Fua has always been long on potential but has struggled to maintain weight necessary to be an every-down linebacker. He'll likely enter next season at 230 pounds, which should provide for better and more consistent play.

3. Adam Hine, 6-foot-1, 202-pound running back, sophomore

Hine was set to make a major contribution in 2012 before being beset by a nagging quad injury. He finished spring practices fully recovered and back to form.

Hine is an exceptional all-around athlete who could make the type of impact Jamaal Williams did last season should he stay healthy. Hine will team with Williams and Michael Alisa in forming what looks to be a very potent offensive backfield.

4. Mitch Mathews, 6-foot-6, 213-pound wide receiver, sophomore

Don't let Mathews' stature fool you, he's no stiff. Throughout practice sessions, he's shown amazing agility and top-end speed for someone of his stature but has battled with injury issues since returning home from his LDS mission.

Mathews earned a lot of praise from coaches last spring due to his overall play. He's quickly becoming a favorite target for Taysom Hill with his unique and intriguing skill set.

5. Uani Unga, 6-foot-1, 233-pound linebacker, senior

Unga slowly but surely earned more and more playing time as last season wore on. He's the heir apparent to Uona Kaveinga at the critical Mike linebacker position and provides better lateral movement and quickness than his predecessor.

Unga finished off spring practices as a definite starter entering fall camp and as an established leader on the defense.

6. Brett Thompson, 6-foot-3, 220-pound tight end, junior

Offensive coordinator doesn't like to praise specific players, but did slip out some high remarks for Thompson during spring practices.

Thompson has the inside track to start, or at least see a lot of playing time, as the smaller and more mobile tight end Anae is looking for to play a major role in his offense.

7. Tuni Kanuch, 6-foot-1, 285-pound defensive tackle, freshman

Coaches want to use Eathyn Manumaleuna at defensive end, and an emerging Kanuch could allow them to do so.

Kanuch struggled in his first collegiate practice session last spring but possesses the type of upside to become a dominant nose tackle. The former Bingham High star should be primed to take a starting role, which could translate to a breakout season.

8. Paul Lasike, 6-foot, 227-pound running back, junior

As if BYU's offensive backfield wasn't crowded enough with Jamaal Williams, Michael Alisa and an emerging Adam Hine, don't sleep on Lasike, who has shown a lot of upside since joining the football team last season.

The rugby star has provided some very good practice sessions and showed well in spot duty last season. A breakout season could be in store should he continue to acclimate to football and learn to hold onto the football.

9. Tyler Beck, 6-foot-1, 220-pound linebacker, senior

Beck was the surprise starter at Buck linebacker out of spring practices after Manoa Pikula saw almost every rep with the first-team. The senior hasn't stayed healthy enough to make a major contribution since joining the program, but hopefully has put those issues aside for his final year.

Beck will continue to battle with Pikula for the starting nod in the fall to replace Brandon Ogletree at the position.

10. Remington Peck, 6-foot-4, 250-pound defensive end, sophomore

Peck quietly established himself as a reliable option at defensive end toward the end of last season and into spring practices.

Position coach Steve Kaufusi readily mentions Peck as the third option at defensive end behind Eathyn Manumaleuna and Bronson Kaufusi. The former Bingham Miner is set for a lot of reps at defensive end in 2013.

The competition

Now that you've seen the 10 BYU players on the verge of making their mark in 2013, time to check out the competition.

The University of Utah is on the verge of its third season in the Pac-12, and the road has never been more difficult for Kyle Whittingham. From BYU and USU to Stanford, USC and Oregon, not a single FBS creampuff will make an appearance against the Utes. A number of players will make a name for themselves should the team be successful.

Who are the 10 players that are poised for a breakout year for the Utes?

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