With the world eagerly awaiting news of the royal baby's birth, BBC Breaking News announced that Kate Middleton, Duchess of Cambridge, gave birth to a boy at 4:24 BST. The new royal weighed in at 8 pounds 6 ounces, according to Buckingham Palace, and is third in line to the British crown. With the anticipation of the new prince’s arrival hitting social media, infants are a hot topic. The following list shows unique baby items, images, promotions and ideas of how to announce an upcoming birth.

Baby Burritos

The Seattle-based Mexican food restaurant Gorditos has burritos so large that they are the size of a newborn baby. According to the Seattle Times, customers who photograph their newborn (who must be under one-month old) with a burrito get the food for free.

Baby Shampoo Cap

This foam visor protects babies’ from getting shampoo in their eyes. It is made of a soft material that can be adjusted according to a baby’s head size. According to Fancy.com, it is a “must have gadget for [a] household!”

Cabbage Patch Kids Wigs

Amanda Lillie’s crochet Cabbage Patch-inspired wigs have gone viral among parents. Lillie sells the wigs in four different age categories as well as the crochet patterns.
Follow this link to see more of Lillie’s work on Esty.com.

Creative Birth Announcement

Pins on Pinterest show a variety of creative ways to announce a baby’s birth date, name, time, weight and length.

Diaper Cake

One baby shower gift idea is a “diaper cake,” which can include bibs, baby shampoo, stuffed animals and, of course, diapers.

'A Second a Day from Birth' Time-Lapse Video

Baby Greeting Card

Even though a baby may not be able to speak, baby greetings cards are a sweet way to give updates to family and friends.

Baby Mustaches

Fake mustaches have been trending for years, so it is only natural that people would start putting them on their babies.

Current BFFs, Future BFFs

Friends who are pregnant at the same time can announce they are expecting at the same time.

Baby Feeding Log App

Parents can use this app to track baby feeding, sleep and diaper changes.

Flying Baby

Photographer Rachel Hulin has received positive feedback from her images of her son “flying.” Although she doesn’t reveal how she does the shots, Hulin told TIME that “I never throw him...and I never move him into a place in the frame that he wasn’t in to begin with. I like Henry to fly the way he feels like it, I never pose him in a specific way.”

CineMama App

The CineMama App site says the app can be used to “document your pregnancy and track your belly’s growth. Celebrate your progress week after week while learning the benefits of a full-term pregnancy."

Baby Shower Food Buggie

Baby Shower snack ideas on Pinterest feature some watermelon buggies with a “melon baby” inside.

Baby Onesies

Online shopping presents a wide array of baby clothes, and people can even create customized onesies.

Baby Promotion

Some second and third child baby announcements feature children holding a sign saying that they are “promoted” to a big brother or sister.

Only Child Expiring

A trending way to announce a second child on the way is with an “only child expiring” photo.

Illustration Baby Pictures

Trending baby photos show them in normal sleeping or stretching poses with creative illustrations to make it look as though the baby is in a different scenario.

Baby's Gender Announcement

Opening a box with pink balloons or a girl or blue balloons for a boy is a popular way to announce a baby’s gender.

Baby Wigs

The company Baby Bangs offers baby girls with “little or no hair at all the opportunity to have a beautifully realistic hair style in a snap!” But many parents and bloggers are not amused with the wigs, which they say adds to unnecessary gendering of children.

Month by Month

Some parents document their child’s growth by snapping a photo of them each month.

Baby Mugging

Baby Mugging is a new trend to hit the internet. As Baby Mugging.org says, “It’s fun and easy. All you need is a coffee mug and a baby. If you don’t have one, just borrow a friend’s!”