The exciting NBA season has come to a close, and with it, many NBA fans are looking at the next four months of offseason with disgust.

Whatever the reason, the time can go by slowly, and the longing for the NBA season to begin sets in rather quickly. Here are 10 ways to pass the time during the offseason.

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Tune in to the NBA Draft

This upcoming Thursday, June 27, the 2013 NBA Draft will take place. With players like Ben McLemore, Trey Burke and Nerlens Noel predicted to be drafted high, this is an NBA event that any fan won't want to miss.

By watching the draft, you can get an idea of what type of roster your favorite team will have in the upcoming season, and which of the other teams will be significantly better as a result of their draft picks.

Get a favorite baseball team

The Major League Baseball regular season doesn't end until the close of September, and the playoffs and World Series go through October. This means that baseball is the major sport that is filling the gap between the end and start of the NBA season.

While unfairly labeled as boring, baseball provides a game nearly every day, many of which are very exciting. When dissected, baseball might require greater strategy than any other sport.

The boring aspects of baseball are lessened when there is an attachment to a favorite team and can be a great way to make the time go by quickly until NBA season begins.

Fantasy basketball

Normally about a month before the NBA season starts, Yahoo! and ESPN will open up their NBA fantasy basketball servers. Fantasy basketball gives fans the option to create a fantasy league where they can hold a draft online with friends. They will select players for their respective teams, and then get points for how each player performs in real games once the season starts. Fantasy basketball also offers another aspect of love for the NBA during the season.

Pay attention to the NBA trade rumors and free agents

With former coach Doc Rivers having joined the Clippers as their head coach on Sunday, the NBA offseason has started out with a bang. Trade rumors surrounding Chris Bosh, Paul Pierce, Kevin Garnett and many others are setting this offseason up to be an exciting one.

Free-agency negotiations can begin on July 1. With free agents like Chris Paul, Dwight Howard, Brandon Jennings and Andre Iguodala, the current NBA rosters may look very different at the start of the season.

Try out NBA 2K

When it comes to NBA basketball, it doesn't get any closer to simulating the experience than NBA 2K. NBA 2K is a video game available for Xbox, Playstation and the Wii in which each NBA player shoots the way he does in real life, resembles his real-life counterparts and performs signature moves that each player uses in real life.

The 2K players are able to simulate a game between any two teams in the current NBA and also many historic teams, including Magic Johnson's Lakers, Larry Bird's Celtics and Michael Jordan's Bulls.


NBA TV is a channel dedicated to basketball. Owned by the NBA, NBA TV provides basketball updates and news every day, TV specials on specific NBA players or teams, and even great NBA games from the past. NBA TV provides all things basketball 24 hours a day and is a must-have for any NBA fan going through basketball withdrawals.

Watch the WNBA

While often considered much more dull than the NBA, the WNBA offers fans a chance to watch basketball almost all year long. Fans that just love watching basketball in general will find that the WNBA offers excitement and intensity like any basketball game. While lacking players like LeBron James, Kevin Durant and Carmelo Anthony, the latest WNBA Draft brought college stars Brittney Griner and Skylar Diggins to the professional level, adding much more excitement to the league.

Follow the NBA's players, coaches and journalists on Twitter

By following the NBA, its players, its coaches and NBA journalists, fans can receive up-to-date information regarding the NBA all year long. Whether it's a journalist's opinion on how well a team might do, or breaking news regarding a trade, the information will be on Twitter as fast as anywhere.

Subscribe to Dime Magazine

Dime Magazine offers an in-depth look at the NBA and its players. Not only does the magazine look at the way that the players perform on the court, but their lives off the court. While many magazines feature athletes in their jerseys or uniforms, it is not uncommon in Dime Magazineto see players dressed in their everyday clothes. Whether it is how players are preparing for the upcoming season or where they went on vacation, Dime Magazine will have it all.

Play basketball

There is no better way to fulfill the love of basketball than to play the sport itself. Whether playing competitively with others or simply shooting around by yourself, basketball is and always has been a sport that provides enjoyment and exercise at the same time.

No matter what it is that helps pass the time during the NBA offseason, the light at the end of the tunnel is always there. And if the upcoming season will provide as much excitement as the last, then we are certainly in for a treat.