Father’s Day tends to creep up on most people. We love our dads, but sometimes putting time into finding a meaningful gift takes a back seat to work, family, shopping or the NBA Finals.

But here’s a newsflash: Your dad or husband doesn’t want neckwear or tube socks. And wives should know that Dad probably doen’t want power tools this year.

What do dads want for their big day in 2013? Like most things with men, the answer is sports!

We’re not talking about another team-logo t-shirt here. Dads want a unique sports-related gift they can use and enjoy. One that creates lasting memories.

There’s little time left before the big day, so let’s take a look at 13 Sports-themed gifts for Dad.

Ryan Teeples — twitter.com/SportsGuyUtah — is a respected marketing and technology expert, full-time sports fan and owner of Ryan Teeples Consulting Inc. — RyanTeeples.com

Flip his lid with a Sportula

It’s exactly what it sounds like: a spatula with a logo of your favorite sports team. It’s stainless steel, very useful and totally awesome.

This is one gift Cougars, Utes and Aggies can all agree Dad will love.

Local Golf Deals

Pretty much all dads like to golf, right? Well, what better gift to give for Father’s Day than a golf outing.

Utah has tremendous golf options at rates that won’t smash your gift budget. So give your local clubhouse a call and ask about Father's Day deals.

Right now The Ranches Golf Club in Utah County has three Father’s Day offers, one of which includes golf at four Utah courses, or you can buy gift cards for Salt Lake County courses online.

Game Tickets

We’re lucky here in Utah to have three major Division-1 football and basketball teams and an NBA franchise to cheer for, and we’re even luckier considering all our local teams’ ticket prices are very affordable.

Whether it’s a single-game outing to enjoy together, or a full season ticket package, football or basketball tickets for Dad is a gift that will be a sure-fire hit.

Tickets for the University of Utah

Tickets for Brigham Young University

Tickets for Utah State University

Tickets for the Utah Jazz

Tickets for Real Salt Lake

Road trip for a football game

Who doesn’t love to travel? And what better trip to take this year than a football roadie to cheer for your favorite team on the road.

Utah will play USC at the famed L.A. Coliseum. BYU visits Notre Dame and Camp Randall to play Wisconsin. Utah State also plays at USC and also visits Las Vegas.

No matter who you root for, there’s an awesome road trip awaiting the dad in your life.

Spring for Dad’s Fishing license

If your dad loves to fish, this is an easy one. If he hasn’t really tried it, buy a short-term license for him and see if he wants to try it.

Everyone needs hobbies, and any fisherman will tell you there’s no more cathartic experience than the tranquility of the water paired with the rush of the reel.

Licenses can be purchased online at Utah.gov.

A John Stockton Fathead

If Dad is a Jazz basketball fan, this might be the best gift you could ever give him.

Whether he puts it in the garage, game room, theater room or above his side of the bed, a life-size wall cling is a gift that will remind him of a better time before MJ’s push-off.

Set up a Team Canopy

Do the dads in your life enjoy tailgating? Parties at the park? Family gatherings in the back yard?

What better accessory could you give Dad than a shade canopy that sports his favorite team’s logo. He’ll be the envy of all at the summer parades.

But help him set it up. It’s a two-man job.

Upgrade his Team Hat

If your dad is like many seen sporting a lid around Utah, his hat needs a serious upgrade.

Sure, retro is cool. But if your old man is wearing a team hat he got when Utah’s Governor was a democrat, it’s time to updgrade.

The options are limitless, and if Dad is really hip, you could even go with a flat-bill. But make sure he takes the sticker off or he’ll look seriously ridiculous.

Here's a good option for a BYU Cougar fan.

Day trip to Scheel’s

A trip to a department store may seem like an odd choice for a gift. But Scheel’s isn’t your average retail experience.

The Sandy sports megastore is an experience in itself, and a trip there can take the better part of a day if you want it to.

Take Dad in and give him a giftcard. Then, spend the day with him browsing the unique shops, seeing the live fish tanks, playing in the sports simulators and enjoying the vastness that is the store.

Cap it all off with lunch and dessert at Gramma Ginna’s Restaurant and Fudge Shop and a ride on the ferris wheel.

Trek out to Miller Motorsports Park

It’s a drive, but Miller Motorsports Park west of Tooele offers a ton of great gifts you could give Dad. There are racing events all summer with affordable options for everyone.

Or, you could really splurge and send Dad to driving school, a multi-day hands on racing experience.

These events are a welcome change of pace and an experience unlike any other in the Beehive State.

A High-flying Paragliding experience

We’ve all nearly caused an accident near Point of the Mountain between Draper and Lehi as we’ve craned our necks to look out the window and marvel at paragliders coming off the mountain.

But have you ever thought “Hey, Dad would love that!”

Here’s betting he would.

There are quite a few companies who offer both hang gliding and paragliding lessons and even tandem flight trips.

Check out the Utah Hang Gliding and Paragliding Association site to find schools and instruction options.

A classic sports movie

Do the dads in your life like sports cinema? Is his sports movie collection is still in VHS?

There are dozens of classic sports movies that never get old, and many of them have recently been re-released in Blu-ray and are amazing in HD.

Whether it’s Bull Durham and Heaven Can Wait or Caddyshack and Slap Shot, find Dad a sports movie he’ll enjoy watching over and over.

Amazon even has a compiled list to make it easy to find the right ones.

Take Dad Camping

Why not give a gift that’s shared with you? What dad wouldn’t want a gift he can enjoy with his kids, spouse or other loved ones?

So if your dad is the outdoorsy type, take him on one of Utah’s fine local backpacking trails. Or pack up the truck with the camping gear and head into the stunning Wasatch Mountains. You do all the work, just tell him to come along.

Sometimes the simplest gift is the one that will be most remembered.