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Utah has become one of the top locations for high-quality YouTube videos. Several Utah YouTubers, also known as Utubers, have built up their channels enough to make their video production a full-time job. Now several Utah YouTube celebrities have joined together to create fun collaborative videos.

According to Ricky Butler, the creator of YouTube advertising company Plaid Social Labs, Utah is the No. 3 location in the world for YouTube celebrities, just behind Hollywood and London.

"Utah is seriously exploding with YouTube celebrities," Butler said. "I think what's happening, specifically with Utah, is that we're the first community that has decided to do quality production."

But not only have Utahns found success, they have formed a community among themselves. Josh Gibson manages the tight-knit community on Facebook where Utubers can coordinate and give advice to each other.

"I think there is an element to it that is especially present in Utah — that everybody is just very willing to help each other out for fairly non-selfish reasons," Gibson said. "I think that is a big reason why Utah YouTubers are so successful. They're not only willing, but love to help each other out."

This close friendship has also resulted in the following videos, which feature Utubers making guest appearances on one another's channels.

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The Piano Guys and Lindsey Stirling

Video: "Mission Impossible"

Two YouTube phenomena from Utah, Lindsey Stirling and The Piano Guys, joined together to create a video based on the popular films and TV show "Mission Impossible."

Performing theme music and other covers is not a first for either of the two sensations, which has allowed this combination to work together so easily.

The video, which features Stirling on the violin, Steven Sharp Nelson on the cello and Jon Schmidt on the piano, was posted to The Piano Guys' YouTube channel in January 2013 and has received more than 3 million views.

The Piano Guys and Alex Boye

Video: "Paradise"

The Piano Guys and Alex Boye collaborated to create an African-style cover of Coldplay’s song “Paradise.” The cover features Jon Schmidt, Steven Sharp Nelson and Boye on top of a red-rock mountain near St. George, Utah. The remote location they used for filming required a helicopter to transport the piano and crew. The song is called "Peponi," which is Swahili for paradise.

The video was published in January 2012 and has more than 16 million views.

Lindsey Stirling and Alex Boye

Video: Grenade

Lindsey Stirling and Alex Boye came together to produce their own version of Bruno Mars' popular hit "Grenade." In the video, Boye and Stirling performed with the Salt Lake Pops Studio Orchestra.

The video was published in July 2012 and has more than 3 million views.

Devin Graham and Lindsey Stirling

Video: Epic Violin Girl

Back in 2011, before Stirling went on tour, created an album or had really made a name for herself, Devin Graham and Stirling collaborated on several of Stirling's start-up videos. One of her first was the "Epic Violin Girl," which was filmed in Provo, Utah. As Stirling's fan base grew, Graham continued to film many of her videos and still does today.

This video was published in March 2011 and has had more than 5 million views.

Kid History and Devin Graham

Video: Kid Snippet: "Rope Swing" with Devinsupertramp

Filming extreme sports is nothing new for Utah filmmaker Devin Graham. But after releasing a viral rope swing video, Kid History decided to attempt its own high adventure video. Graham was the guest star on Kid History's own version of Graham’s viral video.

The video was published in March 2013 and has received more than 167,000 views.

Kid History and Teddie Films

Video: Kid Snippets: "Star Wars, the Rescue"

Kid History joined with Eddie King from Teddie Films to create a Star Wars-themed video. After asking a few kids to talk about Star Wars and the escape to the Death Star, King joined the crew and took his famous role as Princess Leia.

The video was published in March 2013 and has had more than 246,000 views.

Kid History and Cute Girls Hairstyles

Video: Kid Snippets: "Safety Assembly"

Hair specialist Mindy McKnight put together a comedic video with the brothers from Kid History. In the short video clip, McKnight is found immitating a young child describing different safety rules. As a mother of six, McKnight was easily able to join the crew with their interpretations of children.

The video was published in December 2012 and has had more than 331,000 views.

Cute Girls Hairstyles and Hey Kayli

Video: Blindfold hair challenge

Hair guru Mindy McKnight from Cute Girls Hairstyles decided to join forces with fellow Utah native, hairstylist and DIY junkie HeyKayli. In the video, the two YouTube moms challenged each other to complete a complicated hairstyle, blindfolded.

The video was published in October 2012 and has had more than 289,000 views.