"I’m never surprised with Andre Miller. I say he’s unguardable. They always talk about guys like Kobe (Bryant), LeBron (James). If you give Andre Miller the ball, he’s one of the toughest guys to guard in the NBA." — Corey Brewer, Denver Nuggets

During Game 1 of the 2013 NBA playoffs, Andre Miller scored 28 points for the Denver Nuggets who defeated Golden State. With the score tied at 95 points apiece, Miller drove to the basket and scored the game winner with 1.3 seconds remaining.

The former Ute is in his 15th year in the NBA and continues to use his vast understanding of the game to help his team. He is a leader on the Nuggets squad, despite filling the role of backup point guard to Ty Lawson.

For years Miller has been a quiet and humble player. With his remarkably accurate ally-oop pass and natural ability to drive to the hoop, Miller is a hardworking guy who is consistently underrated in the NBA. But since he hardly complains about it, maybe that's OK with him.

Andre Miller's clutch in Game 1

Four seconds remaining in regulation, the Nuggets found themselves in a choke-hold with Golden State in game one Saturday. Miller hunkered down into a drive originating from beyond the 3-point line. From the left side of the basket he left the floor and extended his body into a reverse layup and a playoff victory.

It's not like the play came out of the blue; he had been doing it all night long. The winning basket was just the finale of his 28-point, 5-assist show in the Pepsi Center. Without Miller's 15-year veteran playoff instinct, the Nuggets, who were without starters Danillo Gallinari and Kenneth Faried, would have had a slim chance of taking game one in the first-round series with the Warriors.

The 6'2" guard's rare dunk

Following a three year drought of dunks by the Blazers' point guard, Miller sprinted out on the fast break after Martell Webster came up with a steal. Looking up the court, he found Miller on a long outlet pass. With time and space, Miller elevated and threw down a monster dunk on his former team.

Despite being one of the smaller guys on the court and primarily a pass first kind of player, Miller doesn't hesitate to throw in a crowd-pleaser every once in awhile.

Miller goes off for career-high 52 points

In January of 2010, Miller raised his career high from 28 to 52 points in a game. The Blazers' guard lifted his team past the Dallas Mavericks, 114-112.

Miller scored 25 in the fourth quarter alone to take the game to overtime, where his teammate Juwan Howard hit a jumper to lift Portland over Dallas. Miller scored 22 of 31 shots and went 7 of 8 from the free-throw line.

Miller destroys Blake Griffin

"Don't mess with Miller" is the lesson Blake Griffin learned in late 2010.

After a series of Griffin cheap shots and rough play against Miller, the Blazers' point guard blindsided the big man. Miller came in full force and leveled Griffin to the ground.

Shockingly, none of the referees saw the play and Griffin was not rewarded with a foul call. Miller's comment after the game was priceless.

"There wasn't (a) foul called, I got my opportunity to get a lick in."

Unfortunately for Miller, he was suspended for a game after the incident.

Miller goes old school on Russell Westbrook

Miller is not the fastest guy on the court, not even close, but he is one of the most difficult to guard.

He uses the fundamentals of basketball to catch players off guard and make incredible plays to the basket. In this game, he went to the streets by throwing a pass to himself off the backboard and then easily laying the ball in the hoop.

Miller fakes timeout for easy two

Andre Miller's ability to read the game and the opposing team is incredible.

In this highlight, Miller seems to be preparing to take a timeout while dribbling up the court. When he saw New Orleans heading for the bench prematurely, he drove to the basket.

This was not the first time he pulled the move and probably won't be the last.

Miller's Lob City

Miller's lob pass is one of the best in the business. No matter what team he's suited up for, he can find his teammates at the rim all night.

In this highlight, Miller collects a rebound and immediately tosses the ball down three quarters of the court to find a hovering Javale McGee for the slam.