As the Jazz near the end of the 2012-13 regular season, it's time to quiz your knowledge on the Jazz in the playoffs and the team overall.

Overall, Utah has been a successful team throughout the years. After joining the NBA in 1974, it took the Jazz 10 years before they earned a winning record and a playoff appearance.

However ever since that time, Utah has been known as a playoff team. In recent years, Utah has slipped from its 1990's Stockton to Malone days, but still has a chance to make the playoffs this year.

While the Jazz and Lakers trade the Western conference eighth seed back and forth, you can test your Jazz knowledge with this quiz.

Question 1

How many times have the jazz made the playoffs since moving to Utah?

a. 29

b. 15

c. 21

d. 25


25 playoff appearances, including 15 straight while Jerry Sloan was head coach.


Question 2

Of the 25 trips to the postseason, how many times have the Jazz made it beyond the first round?

a. 5 times

b. 14 times

c. 22 times

d. 9 times


14 times. The Jazz have gone to the Western Conference semifinals eight times, Western Conference finals four times and the NBA finals twice.


Question 3

The Jazz have played which NBA team the most in playoff history?

a. L.A. Lakers

b. Denver Nuggets

c. Houston Rockets

d. Portland Blazers


Houston Rockets. Over the years, the Jazz have faced Houston in the playoffs seven times. Coming in second is the L.A. Lakers at six times.


Question 4

Which current Jazz player leads the team in dunks in the 2012-13 season?

a. Earl Watson

b. Derrick Favors

c. Big Al

d. DeMarre Carroll


Derrick Favors. He tallied 78 dunks on the year, which ranks No. 24 in the NBA among dunk leaders in 2012-13.

Source: CBS Sports

Question 5

How many times have the Jazz finished with a better record than the Lakers?

a. Nine times

b. 21 times

c. Once

d. 15 times


Nine times- During the Jerry Sloan era, the Jazz compiled a streak of better records than the Lakers for eight straight seasons from 1991-99. The ninth occurrence was in 2006.


Question 6

What is the Utah Jazz all-time winning percentage and where does that stand in the NBA?

a. .510, eighth in NBA

b. .613, third in NBA

c. .455, thirteenth in NBA

d. .546, fifth in NBA


Utah's all time winning percentage is .546, which is fifth best in the NBA.

The L.A. Lakers have the best all-time winning percentage with .619 and the Spurs follow them closely with .604.

Yahoo Sports

Question 7

The Jazz have faced every Western Conference franchise in the playoffs except for three teams. Which three teams?

a. L.A. Clippers, Memphis Grizzlies and Phoenix Suns

b. Minnesota Timberwolves, Memphis Grizzlies and Sacramento Kings

c. Memphis Grizzlies, New Orleans Hornets and Minnesota Timberwolves

d. New Orleans Hornets, Minnesota Timberwolves and Dallas Mavericks


The Jazz have never faced the Memphis Grizzlies, New Orleans Hornets or Minnesota Timberwolves in the playoffs.

Plus, Utah has only faced the Dallas Mavericks and the L.A. Clippers twice in 25 playoff appearances.


Question 8

Which current Jazz player is also an artist?

a. DeMarre Carroll

b. Jeremy Evans

c. Mo Williams

d. Enes Kanter


Jazz forward Jeremy Evans is not only the 2012 dunk contest champion, he is also an artist.

Evans' drawing of the Salt Lake LDS temple became an internet sensation among the Jazz community earlier this season.

Source: Deseret News

Question 9

Which team has eliminated the Jazz from the playoffs the most in NBA history?

a. San Antonio Spurs

b. Seattle Supersonics

c. Houston Rockets

d. L.A. Lakers


The L.A Lakers have eliminated Utah from the playoffs four times. Three of these Lakers' series wins have come in the last five years.


Question 10

Which team did the Jazz edge out of the Western Conference finals to reach their second NBA finals appearance in the 1997-98 season?

a. Houston Rockets

b. San Antonio Spurs

c. Phoenix Suns

d. L.A. Lakers


The Jazz swept the Lakers in the Western Conference finals in 1998 to advance to the NBA finals vs. Chicago.