It used to be that April Fool's Day was all about whipped cream and Crisco, but with the Internet has come the opportunity for some funny and creative pranks online. Here is a list of 18 pranks from April 1, 2013.

Utah State becomes BYU-Logan

The LDS Church announces its plans to buy Utah State and establish BYU-Logan, according to Cache Valley Daily.

YouTube: Just one big video contest

Today YouTube announced that it was created to find the best video in the world.

After 12 o'clock tonight, YouTube will no longer accept additional entries. It will now spend the next decade reviewing all the videos that have been uploaded and release a winner in 2023.

Gmail Blue

Gmail introduces the email of the future: It's blue; no need to say more.

WNYC's Peep-vision

From my experience, there are two types of people in the world: those who like Peeps, and those who don't.

For you Peeps lovers, check out WNYC. Type "peep" on the homepage and see what changes.

Guardian Goggles

The Guardian has released its own pair of goggles to rival those of Google Glass.

Twttr bans vowels

Twitter is shifting to a two-tiered service. The free service allows users to use only consonants.

But for only $5 a month you can buy a premium Twitter account that adds back in the vowels.

White House

Expecting President Barack Obama? Not in this White House briefing.

Military weaponizes cats

The U.S. Army announced today that it plans to cut down on military spending by implementing a new program which will use military working cats to serve alongside military police.

Sony releases headphones for cats

Sony announced today that it is launching a new line of headphone products called Animalia.

Sony now designs and builds the perfect headphones for your pets.

Glass-bottom plane

Virgin announced today its new glass-bottom plane. It allows passengers to see what they are flying over.

Google Nose

Google announces the ability to search by smell. It's scentsational.

Pizza flavored Tic Tacs
Tic Tac

As an after-meal saving grace, Tic Tac releases its new pizza flavored mints.

A must-have for everyone.

BMW releases P.R.A.M.

In an effort to move into the stroller industry, BMW just released P.R.A.M. (Postnatal Royal Auto Mobile).

Vimeo became Vimeow

In a drastic branding move, Vimeo has announced that it is now Vimeow.

Whole Foods' Cattle Cam

Whole Foods just announced that it has Cattle Cams. They allow you to see everything your food is eating.

Aer Lingus announces in-flight riverdancing

Aer Lingus has just announced riverdance as part of its in-flight services.

New York Times Haiku

The New York Times launches its haiku page.

Google treasure map

Google invites the whole world to come together and look for clues.