Unemployment rates continue to decrease, but the workplace is still a competitive place. It's important to present yourself in a positive way to your boss.

AOL jobs and Simply Blog share ways to avoid a negative persona in the office. These are 12 things that should never be said to your boss.

"I'm bored."

Don't: Never tell those you work with that you are bored with your job. Your co-workers, and especially your boss, don't want to know if you are bored. This is an easy way to put into your boss' mind that you need a new job.

Do: If you are bored with the work you do, look for opportunities you would like to have. Suggest to your boss you are interested in taking on those specific tasks.

"Are we having fun yet?"

Don't: In tense moments, don't attempt to be cute of funny. Even if at the time it doesn't seem to matter, a statement like this can later get you in trouble.

Do: Stay focused on improving the tasks you are in charge of. Don't suggest that there are better things to do.

"Is it closing time?"

Don't: Don't watch the clock all the time. Never make it seem like you would rather be somewhere else other than work -- even if you would.

Do: Find ways to make your job exciting to you. It will take your mind off of the time.


Don't: Even if you say something positive, if it's followed by "but," it negates whatever you just said. For example: "I'm willing to do that, but..."

Do: Keep things positive. Think about how you present yourself and change habits of negative statements.

"(whining), and I'm not the only one who feels this way."

Don't: When you tack on other employees to your statement, it looks like you are the ring leader. Instead of addressing the issue, your boss could view you as being the complainer, while the others are willing to deal with it.

Do: If there are complaints around the office, constructively suggest ways they might be improved.

"I'm tired."

Don't: Others don't care about your sleeping habits. It shows unnecessary complaining.

Do: If you're struggling to stay awake at work, take a quick walk outside, have a quick nap during lunch hour in your car or figure out another way to help keep you alert.

"My husband/wife said..."

Don't: Personal matters should be left at home unless specifically asked about.

Do: Focus on your job. Show that your mind is at work.

"I'm voting for..."

Don't: Voicing your political views at work is sometimes offensive and not appropriate. Asking your boss his or her political opinions is even worse.

Do: Keep your political views to yourself. Work is not the place to discuss it.

"Did you hear what she did!?"

Don't: Don't gossip about co-workers or the boss.

Do: Stay out of it, or ask those sharing gossip to stop. It's not appropriate, no matter what kind of gossip it is.

"No, I can't."

Don't: Never tell your boss "no" when asked to do something. Avoid saying you definitely can't.

Do: Do all you can to get the job done. If it isn't possible, ask for time to think about how to get it done.

"It's not my job."

Don't: If your boss is asking you to do it, it's your job. By refusing to do menial things that weren't necessarily in your job description, you will sound self-serving.

Do: Do it. No matter how inconvenient, it's worth it. If you're being asked to do things all the time that impede on your regular duties, you can ask your boss which ones he or she wants you to prioritize.

"This is the way we always do things."

Don't: Remember that things are going to change. Don't get stuck doing things the way they are always done.

Do: Be open-minded. Showing flexibility demonstrates you are able to problem solve and come up with a better option.