lil' bear via flickr

The blog features a new product every Wednesday that it dubs a "Unitasker."

Over the years the blog has accumulated a hundreds of wild and wacky products that are made for performing only one task. The problem is, all these tasks could probably be done with other common things people already own.

By avoiding unitaskers, people can generally save money — and reduce clutter. Here are some of the best unitasker's from — just heed the blog's warning: "We don't want you to buy these items, we want you to laugh at their ridiculousness."

Pet stroller
lil' bear via flickr

Matt at says, "Call me old fashioned, but when I take a dog for a walk, the dog should be walking too. "

Baby Butt Fan
Baby Butt Fan

Erin Doland at tells about this unitasker: "I'm confused by the product makers who believe new parents can't figure out how to fan their child's rump with a clean diaper or use a dry cloth to wipe her down. Because, let's be honest, if a new parent can't figure out one of those two tricks I highly doubt they would be able to keep charged batteries in this device and have it with them every time they change their child's diaper."

Coleman dog fetching stick

Erin Doland at talks about how fun playing fetch is for dogs — and cheap, since sticks are everywhere. But why get one for free when you can buy one for $11? "If your dog has a bad habit of eating sticks and suffering digestive issues afterward, I'm not sure a fake stick is a good alternative. Instead of eating bark, your dog would be eating stuffing, neoprene, neoprene fabric dye, thread — pretty much the equivalent of a SCUBA diver's suit with fluff."

Tiny toe towel
Tiny toe towel via

Erin Doland at says, "The Tiny Toe Towel reaches between the unreachable areas of your toes. No more wet socks because your toes are soaking wet because you don't own the tiny toe towel. How else does one dry off between your toes?"

Obol, the Never Soggy Cereal Bowl

Obol, the Never Soggy Cereal Bowl, elicited this comment from Katherine at "You know how you have to chase the last bite or two of cereal around the bowl, trying to capture all of it on your spoon? Now you can do that with every bite!"

Vacu Vin egg pillow
Vacu Vin

Erin Doland at can't comprehend the Vacu Vin Egg Pillow: "Are they bean bags? Air-filled cushions? Is the egg sleeping, is that why it needs a pillow? Do eggs sleep?"

The Pajamas Warming Pouch
The Pajamas Warming Pouch

Erin Doland at says, "I had no idea room-temperature pajamas were a problem needing a solution. With this device, though, you can solve your room-temperature dilemma in 10 minutes!"

D-Vision's Small Apple Dish

The d-Vision website that sells the dish says, "By creating an appropriate place in the dish, your fruit waste becomes an esthetic part of your meal." Matt at says, "See? Admiring an apple core is esthetically pleasing to some people, and what better way to put it on display than with the small apple dish? I defy you to find a better way to present your apple."

Magical Ostrich Pillow
Magical Ostrich Pillow

Erin Doland at confesses, "Most weeks, I feel inspired by the unitasker to write something funny about it. This week, words escape me. Words may not even be necessary. I think all the Magical Ostrich Pillow needs are pictures, as they speak a thousand words."

Microwave French Fry Maker
Microwave French Fry Maker

Erin Doland at isn't impressed: "I cannot imagine that sticking each individual french fry into a little square is worth the time and effort. When they come frozen, they're all stuck together, and it means you would have to handle each and every fry. Ugh."