For film, there's the Oscars. For television, there's the Emmy Awards. For music, there's the Grammy Awards. For theater, there's the Tony Awards.

And for Twitter, there's now the Chappy Awards.

Meet Dustin Chapman, a married, 32-year-old construction manager with two kids who lives in Ogden, Utah, and is an avid user of the prolific micro-blogging social media network.

To Chapman, Twitter fills many roles. It's his source for news, light conversation and commentary. During sports games for local teams, he writes on Twitter and interacts with other people doing likewise as he watches.

"I don't get to go hang out with the guys a lot at sports bars a lot for games," Chapman says. "I'm usually at home at night watching them while I put the kids to bed. So, I started using Twitter. It became an entertaining thing to essentially begin talking to people during the games."

But Chapman didn't stop there. He says he wanted to find a way to recognize those he felt made Twitter the most fun and the most entertaining for him, and he felt a simple "Follow Friday" list was not enough.

On Fridays, people who use the social media network will tell other Twitter users who else to follow in order to more fully enjoy the social media experience.

"I wanted to know why I should be following that person," Chapman says. "It should be a little awards ceremony, as it were, to celebrate the best of the best, so that you really knew who to follow based on them being great.

"I also wanted to encourage the media. When something happens, I'm on Twitter following reaction. I'm more likely to turn to news stations and media sources that post things regularly on Twitter than not."

And thus, the Chappy Awards were born.

The first edition of the awards occurred in March 2012. Chapman simply began sending out assorted awards to Twitter users and media members he was following, and people caught on.

"I started giving people awards and tagging them, especially the media members," Chapman says, "and halfway through the 'ceremony,' the media members started acknowledging it, saying thank you, and joining in on the fun."

After the success of 2012, Chapman went all out for 2013. He created a blog for the awards and sent out a (fake) news release about them. He also promoted the Chappys through his twitter account (@itschappy) and asked for nominees. Then, last Friday afternoon, he gave out his 2013 Chappy Awards. The ceremony was popular to a level that Chapman says he never expected.

When a very large number of people discuss a topic on Twitter, the platform recognizes it as a "Trending Topic." In Salt Lake City, the Chappys trended all weekend long, and for a few hours, they trended nationally. Chapman says social media reaction to the awards was unprecedented. Even BYU Athletic Director Tom Holmoe got involved.

"It's a fun way to acknowledge the ridiculous amount of time I spend on Twitter."

Chapman says he has considered taking the Chappys national in the future, but for now, that idea is not in the cards.

"I really don't know what the future holds," he says. "My circle of influence is primarily local people. For now, I think it will be a funny little awards show giving local people awards."

Are you curious to see who won the 2013 Chappy Awards? Read the (incomplete) award-by-award list, plus the reaction the winners gave after they learned they had won.

Landon Hemsley is the sports content manager for Email: [email protected]. Twitter: @EarlOfHemsley

Best overall tweep


Name attached to profile: Ryan Teeples

Reaction: I would like to use the power of my tiara to thanks @itschappy for the #2013chappys and nominate and award him best Avatar for Franklin. I've resisted all day, but I have to say of my award today: "BOOM, Bloxham! In your face!" Explained to wife my 2013 chappys award. Got same baffled look as when I explained how privateering impacted revolutionary war.

Newcomer of the Year


Name attached to profile: Shirl Don LeBaron

Reaction: A simple retweet

Best Use of Twitter by an Authority


Name attached to profile: Tom Holmoe

Reaction: Congrats @hobocita and @beanmace for respective Chappy's

Hot Rod Hundley Memorial Best Jazz Media Member


Name attached to profile: Jody Genessy

Reaction: When I told her about my #2013Chappys award... my wife told me about someone in a social media addiction recovery program.

The Paul James Memorial Best BYU Media Member


Name attached to profile: Greg Wrubell

Reaction (spanning seven different tweets): At times I wonder, why do I do it? Why have I averaged almost 30 tweets a day, every day, since I started tweeting in 2010? Indeed, why...why do I put so much of my heart, my soul, my raw passion for the craft...on the line—so openly, every day? The answer, of course, is so simple: I do it for moments like this. A second straight Chappy just...makes it all worthwhile. If Best BYU Media Member is Best Actor, then my HM for Best BYU blog is Best Supporting Actor. Yeah, I’m going with that. And I’m not going to lie; if I end up as the Daniel Day-Lewis of the Chappys, then that’s great. I'll accept that mantle. Making the day even more special is having @DurrantMark win an award, too. He’s the Matt Damon to my Ben Affleck. Or, maybe @DurrantMark is the Ben Affleck to my Matt Damon. Whichever guy has the better career box office; I’m that guy. I thought treating myself to Mango Chicken Burrito Soup from Barbacoa was going to the highlight of my day. How wrong I was...

Most Improved Media Member


Name attached to profile: Brandon Gurney

Reaction: None

Best Overall Utah Media Member


Name attached to profile: Ben Winslow

Reaction: I am honored to receive this tweet. #2013Chappys

Brandon Flowers memorial Best Mormon Celebrity on Twitter


Name attached to profile: Jeremy Guthrie

Reaction: None

Headband Graduate In Student Section Best BYU Tweep


Name attached to profile: P. Norton

Reaction: I’d like to thank priceline, Delta Airlines and IAH, ORD & SLC Int’l Airports for their hours of hospitality.

Honorary “I begged for a Chappy so I deserve more followers” award


Name attached to profile: Brett Austin

Twitter reaction to receiving the award: Official #2013Chappys award winner. That is going on the work resume.

1000K Follower Award


Name attached to profile: Trevor Brady

Reaction: Wait, I ACTUALLY won a $20 gift card to Betos (Ill never call it Rancheritos)?

Best Late Night Tweets


Name attached to profile: Craig Christiansen

Reaction: I can't believe I won a #2013Chappys the other nominees were so deserving!

Best Tech Advice


Name attached to profile: McClane Jugler

Reaction: preciate that, guys!!

Best Photographer


Name attached to profile: Linus Stubbs

Reaction: all good. Thanks for the love on my pics!

Punniest Tweets


Name attached to profile: Mark Durrant

Reaction: I told my wife I got a Chappy. She asked if I wanted the anti-fungal cream.

Most Honest Athlete on Twitter award


Name attached to profile: James Lark

Reaction: A simple retweet.

Best Twitter “Troll”


Name attached to profile: Zach Bloxham


Best promoter on Twitter

@DownrightDave for #DaveWeek

Name attached to profile: David Horan

Reaction: There is no better feeling than going to bed knowing you've won a Chappy!

Most embattled tweep


Name attached to profile: Nick Newman

Reaction: Wow, in a year, I've gone from Honorable Mention to winning TWO 2013 Chappys! Nice to know what getting a dude BYU tix gets you! ;)

Best Defender of The Carlino Award


Name attached to profile: Post-Jimmer


Best East Coast Tweep


Name attached to profile: Lakia Holmes

Reaction: Thanks so much! I'd like to thank my baptist roots, LDS missionaries, my smart mouth and all of you for not taking offense haha

Best West Coast Tweep


Name attached to profile: Sang Kim

Reaction: Whoa Nellie. I just saw this. Thanks much. To prove your tweeting prowess, my tweeter feed just blew up.

Best Use of Photoshop on Twitter


Name attached to profile: Ann Perkins

Reaction: LOL i’ll take it! @eldermars is a better Tweeter than I. #2013Chappys

Best Soccer Tweep


Name attached to profile: Spencer Warne

Reaction: Massive honor to win a @2013Chappys award as one of the best soccer tweeps from @itschappy Especially because I'm full of poop #Proud

Best rant that included the hashtag #ChappyRants not done by @itschappy

@eldermars for Penn State rant.

Name attached to profile: Mars

Reaction: To all the Penn State fans who sent me angry tweets... SCOREBOARD!!

Best Family Member on Twitter

@ChaseChapman (and just so you all know we’re all dang lucky to have Chase with us today)

Name attached to profile: Chase Chapman

Reaction: @itschappy wow, Dustin, thanks for finding the 911 news article. I was happy to survive so I can witness the 2013 Chappys

Young Single Adult Forever Tweep

@RealDSean.. Again...

Name attached to profile: D. Sean

Reaction: I would like to thank Mama and Papa for blessing me with this face that deserves the #2013Chappys for #YSAforever Tweep.

Best LDS Tweep


Name attached to profile: Nick Newman

Reaction: Wow, in a year, I've gone from Honorable Mention to winning TWO #2013chappys! Nice to know what getting a dude #BYU tix gets you! ;)

Utah Media Newcomer of the Year


Name attached to profile: Allison Croghan

Reaction: thanks for the best #newcomer award! Next year I will strive for the @BenWinslow award. #loftygoals

Biggest Utah Media Loss

@Emerson1063 - Miss his back and forth convos with @AdamMikulich!

Name attached to profile: Emerson Lotzia

Reaction: Unfortunately for me, @adammikulich is in my wedding. I've tried cutting him. But the guy refuses to go away.

Best Early Morning Media Member


Name attached to profile: Shara Park

Reaction:@itschappy you just made my day! Thanks!!

Best BYU Blog/Website


Name attached to profile: Vanquish the Foe

Reaction: Honored. Have a great crew and try to have fun

Best Jazz Blog/Website


Name attached to profile: Unknown

Reaction: Thanks so much, it is an honor to be nominated for a #2013Chappys , and a surprise to win within such a talented peergroup.

Best RSL Media Member:


Name attached to profile: Kira Terry

Reaction: Gained 8 followers today thanks to the #2013Chappys. Thanks again, @itschappy!

Best RSL Blog/Website

@RSLSoapbox via @TheCrossbarRSL

Name attached to profile: Matt Montgomery

Reaction: You're too kind — now... where do I go for my prize money? Thanks owed to those who help out! (In another tweet.)

Best USU Tweep


Name attached to profile: Ryan Petersen

Reaction: Thanks man! What an honor!

Best USU Media Member


Name attached to profile: Eric Frandsen

Reaction: Truly an honor. To celebrate my first ever #2013Chappys I'm going to take a short walk on a long pier (supposed to be the other way around?) #NewportBeach

Best WSU Tweep


Name attached to profile: Brett Hein

Reaction: I'd like to thank the academy for, in a drunken stupor, selecting me as 2013 Chappys winner 4 best Weber tweep. I'm really a boring follow!

Best WSU Media Member


Name attached to profile: Roy Burton

Reaction: It's an honor to accept a 2013 Chappys award on behalf of all my followers. They both thank @itschappy from the bottom of their hearts.

Best Ute Media Member as voted by Tweeps


Name attached to profile: Bill Riley

Reaction: @itschappy Thanks for the award! I'm honored by the honor. Will do my best to repeat next year! Go Utes.

Best Ute Website as voted by tweeps


Name attached to profile: Block U

Reaction: That makes me happy, Chappy.

Best Utah Sports Radio Personality


Name attached to profile: Kyle Gunther

Reaction: what an honor to have your dislike of me be discontinued temporarily. Meow I'm gonna go tickle people's fancys on the air.

Utah Sports Radio Station of the Year

@1280TheZone thanks to @ScottyG1280 and @jakescottzone

Name attached to profile: 1280 The Zone, run by Jake Scott and Scott Gerrard

Reaction: (from Jake Scott) Hot dog, we won a Chappy! You know it's hard living up to all this pressure to be bright

Best Tweets from a Media Member


Name attached to profile: Rick Aaron

Reaction: Wow - I'd like to thank all of the little people and I really mean it. You're all 1 cm x 1 cm squares who live in my phone. Picked up a Chappy & 27 new followers so it was a good day. Thanks everybody.

@FakeHeaps Memorial Best Avatar Award

@smileyguy1 for his photo of a BYU guy with beer.

Name attached to profile: Brian Smiley

Reaction: What an honor! I couldn't have made this happen if it weren't for you BYU fan.. I'd like to thank my family for the support, my camera for working flawlessly, and Riverton city for allowing people to drink on a parade route.

Dr. Under the Hoop Who Throws Megaphones In The Air Memorial Best Jazz Tweep Award


Name attached to profile: Last Taco Vendor

Reaction: I'd like to acknowledge my contemporaries and competition for best Jazz Tweep Award, but let's be honest, I don't have any.

Eric Weddle Memorial Best Ute Award


Name attached to profile: Andrew Fox

Reaction: @itschappy wow!!!! Did not expect that!!!!! Honored my friend!

@juliannehough Memorial Best “Non-Traditional” BYU Fan


Name attached to profile: Koti Samani

Reaction: yeah boi! Imma buy my momma a house, get her some of dat fine jewelry to put on her neck and fingers.