There is something that is very important to teach our children about from a very early age - Marriage.

Our children see our marriage. They understand more than we realize. What we model to them is their first and most influential example of marriage. Is your marriage teaching your children how to truly love, respect, honor and cherish a mate? Or is your marriage teaching your children the exact opposite?

How can we teach our children about marriage?

Editor's note: This content, "Teaching your children about marriage," by Jenifer Metzger originally appeared on Sweet Blessings. It has been posted here with permission.

Respect your husband

Even if you do not agree with him, respect him. Period. Not only does this teach your children to respect their spouse, but it shows true love to your husband.

Never point out his mistakes in front of the kids

If you do not agree with something he says or does, only tell him in a calm way, not an accusing way. And only tell him in private, away from the kids and away from others.

Do not argue in front of the kids

Hold your temper and your tongue and take the discussion into the privacy of your bedroom. Even in the privacy of your bedroom, be careful not to raise your voice, voices carry.

Never talk bad about your husband to anyone, especially your children

When you speak ill of your husband, it gives the impression to your children that it is okay to speak badly of their father and later on their own spouse. When you are speaking to others, speak positive words about your husband.

Be his helpmate

We are called by God to be servants, so serve your husband. You can do little things to help him out like run errands, fix him a glass of tea, bring him a snack and iron his clothes, for just a couple of examples.

Laugh with him

Laugh with your husband. Even if it is the same joke you have heard a million times, laugh. This shows your husband your love and shows your children that marriage is meant to bring fun, not anger.

Show physical displays of affection

Hold hands with your husband, kiss and hug. Let your children see that you love each other.

Be an example of compromise

It is Saturday and you want to go to the park for a picnic and play but your husband wants to get yard work done. Come to a mutual agreement. Do yard work for two hours; then go to the park for two hours. Let your children see you working together and compromising.

Pray with your husband

Let your children see that in a marriage, prayer is vital. Let them see you praying together.

Pray for your husband often

When you are saying prayers throughout the day, pray for your husband. Let your children know that praying for your mate is of great importance.