Meat prices rose 1.9 percent by the end of 2012, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics.

To cut down on grocery prices, Frugal Living and Pinch This Stretch That offer tips on saving money on meat.

Stretch it

You can add filler to ground beef to stretch it and make it go further. This allows you to buy less amounts of meat.

Fillers like oatmeal, bread crumbs, cream of wheat or grated vegetables take on the taste and texture of the ground beef so it looks and tastes the same but is cheaper.

Grind it yourself
Nati Harnik, Associated Press

Any work you can do on your own saves you extra cost at the grocery store. Buy chuck roast on sale and grind it yourself or ask the butcher to do it.

Look for sales
Al Behrman, Associated Press

Buy more meat for storage on sale days and either use them by the date or freeze them for later. Many grocery stores will put meats on clearance one or two days before they expire to get rid of the stock, according to Pinch This Stretch That.

Cheaper cuts
Matt Gillis, Deseret News

For beef, buy cheaper cuts then marinade, tenderize or braise them to make them better. You can make your own marinade and tenderizer.

Larry Crowe, Associated Press

Family-sized packages of meat cost less per pound than smaller packages. Buy one big package, divide it and freeze the rest.

Meatless meals
Scott G. WInterton, Deseret News

Substitute or cut out meat in meals. Try to have at least one meal a week that is meatless if you are used to it everyday. Then slowly increase the amount of meatless meals per week.

Lean cuts
Matthew Mead, Associated Press

After the fat cooks away, the lean packages give you more meat for your money.

Lunchmeat ends
Sanderson & Associates

Instead of buying deli meat, ask the deli for ends. Some will sell lunchmeat ends for less than the price of regular sandwich meat.

Trim it yourself
Erik M. Lunsford, St. Louis Post-Dispatch

You can cut costs by cutting the meat yourself. Anything that involves additional steps such as making patties, trimming fat or cutting into tenderloins makes the meat more expensive.

Look for other shops
Ashley Lowery, Deseret News

Farmers, meat lockers or butcher chops sometimes sell meat lower than grocery store price. See what options you have in your area.

Buy in bulk
Bill Hogan, Chicago Tribune

Some sites like Zaycon Foods allow you to buy meat in huge amounts that you get for cheaper but have to store. Chicken at Zaycon has to be bought in 40 lb increments.

Add half
Larry Crowe, Associated Press

In casseroles, soups or other dishes that are supplemented by meat, only add half of the meat. It's not missed when there are other things to substitute.