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Perhaps you started out this year with a new mobile device, like a smartphone or tablet. One thing to keep in mind: they aren't as safe as you might think. Mobile devices are becoming more at risk to malware. The following are tips from the Better Business Bureau on how to keep your device safe from hackers. Also, check out this Deseret News article on the increased risks to mobile devices.

Lock your phone
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Whether it's numbers or finger swipes, Smartphones allow you to create a passcode to access your data. Set one and make sure your phone locks after a certain time.

Update your operating system
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Most of these updates improve security measures for your phone. Update regularly to close easy access for hackers.

Beware of unknown apps and links
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If you're not sure where an app is coming from, don't download it. Unknown or unauthorized apps could contain viruses or malware.

Avoid unsecured Wi-Fi
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Some hackers wait for folks to use passwords or access personal information on an unsecured network.

Turn off Bluetooth
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Bluetooth allows other devices to connect with your phone wirelessly. Turn it off if you're not using it.

Check your permissions
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Some apps access information on your phone that they don't need. You are able to remove those permissions.

Consult your owner's manual to find out how.

Report missing devices
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Don't hesitate if your phone goes missing. Call your wireless provider and have your phone deactivated.

Back up your data
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If something happens to your phone, what will become of the important information on it? Make sure it's kept safe somewhere outside of your phone.

Pay close attention to your phone bills
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Spikes in your data usage is an indicator that you've been hacked in some way.

Also, watch for erroneous charges and strange texts.

Erase old phones completely
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It's important to clear off your phone when getting rid of it.

Find out how to return your phone to its original factory settings.

Shop with caution
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Research sites before buying from them. It also helps to look for a "s" in the "https://" to ensure it's a secure connection.

Consider mobile security
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There are antivirus and security apps for mobile devices. Find the right one for your device and start using it.