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With a huge snowstorm hitting the East Coast, people who aren't used to snowy conditions — and even those who are — are being told to stay off the roads. Although most Utahns may be used to driving in snow, people elsewhere may not be as experienced. Here's ten videos of people across the country battling snowy roads.

Chicago's worst snow plower

This video shows a snow plow driver trying to clear a road in Chicago, Illinois. He gets stuck and eventually has someone come tow him out.

Seattle snow makes for slippery drive

Seattle drivers are used to wet roads because it rains so often, but they seem a little less prepared when snow is involved.

Washington has 225,000 crashes and 70,900 persons injured each year because of snowy and slushy roads.

A couple of inches in Arkansas

This video from Arkansas Online shows cars sliding along snowy Barrow Road in Little Rock, Arkansas

The highest average snowfall for a month in Arkansas is 2-3 inches.

20-car pileup in Colorado

This video shows drivers involved in a 20-car pileup in Colorado Springs, Colorado.

Semi-truck flips in Iowa

This video from shows a semi-truck flipping on its side during a snowstorm in Des Moines, Iowa.

Georgia snowplow falls in a hole

This video from Calhoun Times shows a snowplow falling into a hole in the pavement during a snowstorm in Calhoun, Georgia.

Road turns to ice rink in Washington

This CNN video shows drivers sliding along an icy road in Spokane, Wash.

20-car pileup in Wisconsin

This Associated Press video shows a 20-car pileup that occurred during a snowstorm in La Crosse, Wisconsin.

Georgia policeman pushes car out of snow

This YouTube video shows a policeman using his car to push out another car that is stuck in the snow in Georgia.

Pickup trucks collide in Seattle area

This video shows as one truck runs into another right next to a pile-up on a snow-covered hill in Bellevue, Wash.