Gus Ruelas, People

You could spend $16,600 on yearly mortgage payments, which is the average cost for Americans, or if you are a celebrity you could spend that on glitter.

Check out these 8 celebrity purchases from Business Insider that make your mortgage payment look like pocket change.

Gus Ruelas, People

Who: Ke$ha

Cost: A few thousand every month

Purpose: Shooting glitter guns all over the audience at concerts.

Flight for a hat
Mike Terry, Deseret News

Who: Bono

Cost: $1,700

Purpose: He missed his favorite hat and flew it from London to Italy first class.

Dinosaur skull
Stephen Chernin, Associated Press

Who: Nicholas Cage

Cost: $267,000

Purpose: He really likes dinosaurs? Who knows, but he outbid Leonardo DiCaprio for ownership.

Peter Kramer, Associated Press

Who: Beyonce

Cost: $100,000

Purpose: To wear gold studded, Balenciaga leggings of course.

Ghost detector
Ariel Schalit, Associated Press

Who: Lady Gaga

Cost: $50,000

Purpose: She said she believes she is currently being haunted by a ghost named "Ryan."

Charles Sykes, Associated Press

Who: Daniel Radcliffe (Harry Potter)

Cost: $17,000

Purpose: No ordinary mattress would do for the guy who acted the boy who lived. This custom made mattress came from Savoir.

Braselton, GA
Remy De La Mauvniere, Associated Press

Who: Kim Basinger

Cost: $20 million

Purpose: In 1980, she purchased this to make it into a movie hub and tourist attraction, but it failed.

Sports car
Benoit cars via flickr

Who: Bryan "Birdman" Williams

Cost:$8 million

Purpose: Wanted a German Maybach sports car with 700 horsepower.