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From weird to funny to just plain crazy, the media comes up with some strange questions to ask players during the week leading to the Super Bowl.

The over-the-top antics and odd inquiries hit a peak the Tuesday before the game, known as Media Day, and this year's annual media craze delivered some gems from the Baltimore Ravens and San Francisco 49ers personnel.

Of the thousands of questions posted to players and coaches, some are bound to make people scratch their head, while others make people bend over in laughter.

In a digital age, even fans can have their say in what kind of questions players are subjected to. By using the social media site Twitter, reporters have turned to fans to find out what kind of strange questions they want answered from their favorite players.

An easy way to tell a question is unexpected? When the player or coach's first response is another question.

Sometimes, even a seemingly simple question can elicit a funny, off-the-wall type response. Or a question about the past can dig up a story worth telling. Just ask 49ers head coach Jim Harbaugh or former Utah defensive end Paul Kruger.

Here's a look at 10 questions that produced some funny moments at this year's Super Bowl Media Day.

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Dennis Pitta, Ravens tight end
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The question: "From 1 to 10, how ticklish are you?"

"Ticklish? I'm probably a 5 or 6 — you know — moderately ticklish. Good question."

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Vernon Davis, 49ers tight end

The question: "Who would you ask to come over?"

Davis: "Say that again?"

Reporter: "If you were playing Red Rover, who would you ask to come over?"

Davis: "Who would I ask to come over?"

Reporter: "In a game of Red Rover?"

Davis: "A game of Red Rover?"

Reporter: "Who would you ask to come over?"

Davis: "Umm … Beyonce."

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Terrell Suggs, Ravens linebacker

The question: "Which one of your teammates is the most uncoordinated on the dance floor?"

"Man, most uncoordinated? Morgan Cox (the team's long snapper). I've been trying to work with him on his dance steps at practice, but it hasn't always worked. I'm telling him, in every beat there is a drum, he's just got to find the drum and stick with that. It's definitely Morgan Cox, but he's getting better."

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Michael Crabtree, 49ers wide receiver

The question: "What type of lunchbox did you own when you were a kid?"

"You now what? I never had a lunchbox. But I did have a brown paper bag."

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Haloti Ngata, Ravens defensive end

The question: "Who's your favorite Disney character?"

"Favorite Disney character? Umm, I don't know. My son's favorite character right now would be, it's probably Donald Duck. 'Cause we're Oregon Ducks."

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Joe Staley, 49ers tackle

The question: "If you owned a Pegasus, what would you name it?"

"A Pegasus? Is that the horse with wings? … I would name it Bartholomew."

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Corey Graham, Ravens cornerback

The question: "If you were a superhero, what would your catchphrase be?"

"I don't know. I've never really thought of that one, man. I don't know if I've got a catchphrase. But I know what I'd probably want to be. I would probably want to have super-human speed, be the fastest guy ever 'cause then you could use it as something. I mean, think about it. … I don't ask to fly or be invisible because I can't really use that. I want to actually use my skill. I want to be fast."

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Jim Harbaugh, 49ers head coach

The question: "What about social media, and the players using social media?"

"The Tweeters? My personal opinion is it's a time drain. ... A lot of time is used on the Facebooking and the Tweeter and things like that. It seems unnecessary, though; it seems like a modern-day diary."

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Paul Kruger, Ravens linebacker
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Editor's note: There is no transcript of the question word for word, only a paraphrase of the question.

The question: On punching another child, as a child, to play football.

"It’s a true story. I used to be wild. I’ve always been really competitive. Back in the day, I had a really bad temper. I was probably tough on my parents."

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Terrell Suggs, Ravens linebacker
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Editor's note: Suggs, who loves to ham it up for the media, makes a second appearance on this list.

The question: "What do you eat in front of your fridge late at night in your underwear?"

"The Mrs., she doesn’t let me get up and eat like that anymore. I just drink cranberry juice in the middle of the night. But my guilty pleasure is definitely at a restaurant called Oregano’s in Phoenix, Ariz. It’s called The Lady is a Scampi. I recommend ya’ll get it."