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Would the Superbowl be complete without wings or cheese dip? What if these were more expensive?

Each year as prices vary, the budget that goes into the superbowl party might need to adjust.

Check out these varying Superbowl essentials prices that Nerd Wallet compiled.

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Last year's price: $2,900

This year's price: $3,152

Difference: $252

That means you are paying about $50 for every minute of gameplay.

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Hamburger prices rose all year last year. According to this article beef is expected to hit record highs this year. In October, it was 30 cents more than the year previous.

Chicken Wings
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Last year's price: $1.97/lb

This year's price: $2.52/lb

Difference: $0.55

These costs came from January 4 to January 10 of 2012 and 2013.

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Last year's price: Owned by Reebok

This year's price: Now owned by Nike and comes in three tiers.

The Game Jersey: $100
The Limited Jersey: $135
The Elite Jersey: $250

Difference: Each jersey is about $20 more than last year.

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Sad news for your dips. Cheese, and most dairy for that matter, was pricier in December than from the year previous.

Is the seven layer bean dip and nacho cheese worth it?

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Television prices are actually cheaper now. In 2012, costs dropped to all time lows and continue to drop.

Part of this is due to an overstocked TV market, which causes the prices to fall.