High unemployment in the U.S. means many Americans are filling out their resumes. Office Team, a specialized staffing branch of recruitment firm Robert Half, asked hiring managers what the most overused or meaningless phrases are in a resume. The following is a list of their responses and some suggested alternatives.

"Highly qualified"

Include specific achievements to show how "highly qualified" you actually are. Noting specific skills or certifications you have will help.

"Hard worker"

Illustrate your work ethic by citing specific examples of meeting deadlines or managing large work loads.

"Team Player"

Write more about what you have accomplished while partnering with colleagues or individuals in other departments.

"Problem Solver"

Mention problems you have tackled and how you overcame them. Be specific.


Adaptability is a trait many employers are looking for. Show it by citing situations in which you responded to a major change.

"People person"

You have probably encountered plenty of office disputes. Write about them and how you dealt with the issue.


Demonstrate how you took action without direction. Companies are likely to hire someone who can contribute immediately.