Rather than taking up bulky space in the recycling or garbage bin, milk cartons can be upcycled for practical or craft uses. Take a look at these clever ideas to save yourself money by reusing milk cartons.

Children's lunch box

Originally from here, the creator has all sorts of recycling idea. The only catch is, it's in Spanish.

Planter box

Take a look at more pictures of creations from Anna Garfort.


Allow children to read in a warm igloo. This website shows how to make it here.

Bird Feeder

Learn how to make this bird house here.


Taken from here this can be created by cutting as shown in picture.

Halloween decorations

Make this for halloween candy. Read the tutorial here.

Colored pencil holders

Thanks Recycleart for your colorful idea.

Gift basket

Nothing like a recycled gift to say "Happy Birthday!"

See the tutorial here.

Hanging storage containers

A detailed how-to description can be seen here.

Outlet hold basket

Whether it's used for a plug-in device holder, or a handheld plastic basket, this easy to make project is taught here.


Halloween masks no longer need to be bought.

All directions are found here.


See the tutorial from this mommy-blog here.

Watering can

The good old watering jug. It can also be painted if you want something a little flashier

See the original here.


This belt was made from the plastic rings around the mile carton lid. See the full instructions here.

Mini hot houses

A cheap way to help out gardening. Find out how here.

Flash diffuser

If you are trying to do photography on a low budget, this can help save. See more about it here.

Piggy bank

Why spend more money on making something to hold money? This is the perfect fix for that. Instructions are here.

Totem Pole

For all your totem pole needs, go here to learn how.


Substitute the circles with milk carton circles to minimize the costs. See the original here.

Star Wars helmet

Jaw drops. Who knew such a transformation could happen with a milk carton. Apparently, these people did.