PVC pipes aren't just for irrigation, plumbing and shooting marshmallows at each other. They have many uses. The following slides are some creative, money-saving uses for PVC pipe.

PVC pipe mirror

ThirftyandChic provides a tutorial on how to make these stylish mirrors out of PVC pipe.

Click here for the tutorial.

Mother's Day vase display

The blog Mod Podge Rocks shows how you can make a simple gift for mom this Mother's day.

A bowling set for the kids

Home and garden retailer Lowe's offers up tips on how to use the plain, white pipes to make a game for kids.

Storage for hair curlers

This crafty idea comes from the Hair Brained Beauty blog.

Pipe strawberry planter

Growing strawberries right side up is a growing trend, according to A Gardner's Notebook. You can make a vertical planter with PVC pipe.

Holiday wreath

Home Depot also has step-by-step guides on how to make decorations with PVC pipe.

PVC pipe fort

Don't want to spend money on your kids hiding place? Here is a tutorial on how to make a fort or playhouse for your kids.

Skateboard rack

Loose skateboards can be dangerous (and hilarious). Avoid them with tutorial on how to make a skateboard rack out of PVC pipe.


You could also call this the "Kid Wash." The Inspired-Housewife blog offers a tutorial on how to make some summer fun.

Living room table

Design in Decor offers a tutorial on how to add this stylish little number to your living room.