Darron Cummings, AP

The 14-12 Utah Jazz travel to Indiana to take on the 13-12 Pacers tonight.

The Jazz have won eight of their last 11 games against the Pacers, they're 0-6 at Indiana in the second of back-to-back games. Utah has struggled in those situations this season, going just 2-4.

But the Jazz are coing of a 92-90 road win against the Brooklyn Nets, in which they came back from a 13-point deficit. While the Pacers head home after losing to the Milwaukee Bucks by the score of 98-93.

The Jazz have averaged just 90.3 points in their last four games, since scoring 131 against the Toronto Raptors.

But the Pacers didn't do too well in their loss to the Bucks, scoring 93 points on 40.0 field goal percentage, 20 turnovers.

Darron Cummings, AP

Jazz PPG: 99.58

Jazz opponents PPG: 98.81

Pacers PPG: 91.12

Pacers opponents PPG: 90.72

PPG=Points Per Game

The Pacers are No. 29 in the league in points per game. They match that as No. 3 team in fewest points per game allowed. There's a pretty good chance this will be a low-scoring affair.

Shooting Percentage
Tom Strattman, AP

Jazz FG%: 44.9

Jazz opponents FG%: 45.0

Pacers FG%: 42.0

Pacers opponents FG%: 41.0

FG%=Field Goal Percentage

This stat explains why Indiana isn't exactly a scoring machine, yet still has a winning record. No team in the NBA holds its opponents to a lower shooting percentage than the Pacers. That could make things difficult for the Jazz, who are in the middle of the pack in shooting percentage.

3-Point Shooting
Darron Cummings, AP

Jazz 3PT%: 36.5

Jazz opponents 3PT%: 37.1

Pacers 3PT%: 33.6

Pacers opponents 3PT%: 31.5

3PT%=3-Point Percentage

Here's one offensive category where the Pacers aren't in the bottom five in the league, they're No. 24. Once again, the Pacer-defense is No. 1 in the league, making it very difficult for opponents to knock down 3-pointers.

Free Throw Shooting
Darron Cummings, AP

Jazz FT%: 76.5

Pacers FT%: 73.5

FT%=Free Throw Percentage

There's no question, the Pacers have a hard time putting the ball in the hole. Even when it comes to free throws, they're No. 23 in the league.

Tom Strattman, AP

Jazz APG: 22.77

Jazz opponents APG: 20.35

Pacers APG: 19.72

Pacers opponents APG: 19.00

APG=Assists Per Game

Only Charlotte, Cleveland, Portland and Sacramento get fewer assists per game than the Pacers. The Pacer-defense isn't No. 1 in fewest assists per game allowed, it's actually tied for No. 2. The Jazz are No. 6 in fewest assists allowed per game, meaning there probably won't be a lot of incredible passing in this matchup.

Darron Cummings, AP

Jazz TO: 14.89

Jazz opponents TO: 14.50

Pacers TO: 15.40

Pacers opponents TO: 12.36

TO=Turnovers per game

For as good as the Pacers are defensively, they sure don't force a lot of turnovers. Indiana is dead-last in the league in turnovers forced per game. That could be an advantage for the Jazz, who will need every shot they can get.

Darron Cummings, AP

Jazz SPG: 8.12

Jazz opponents SPG: 8.00

Pacers SPG: 6.12

Pacers opponents SPG: 7.44

SPG=Steals Per Game

Don't look for the Pacers to get very many steals against the Jazz. The Pacers are 29th in the league in steals per game. Only the Orlando Magic get fewer steals per game than the Pacers.

On the glass
Darron Cummings, AP

Jazz RPG: 43.50

Jazz opponents RPG: 42.04

Pacers RPG: 46.48

Pacers opponents RPG: 42.28

RPG=Rebounds Per Game

There could be a battle on the boards tonight. The Pacers are get more boards per game than any team in the NBA, while the Jazz are No. 8. The Jazz may need to limit second-chance opportunities for the Pacers, who don't tend to shoot well.

The block party
Mike Terry, Deseret News

Jazz BPG: 6.89

Jazz opponents BPG: 6.04

Pacers BPG: 7.12

Pacers opponents BPG: 5.24

BPG=Blocks Per Game

The Pacers and Jazz are the No. 3 and 4 teams in blocking in the NBA. There could be a lot of blocked shots in this game. Especially with Indiana's Roy Hibbert and Utah's Derrick Favors in the game.

The Century Mark
Darron Cummings, AP

When Jazz score 100: 7-3

When opponents score 100: 4-7

When Pacers score 100: 3-0

When opponents score 100: 1-4

The Pacers have scored 100 points less than any other team in the league. But they haven't lost a game when reaching that mark.

On the flip side, the Pacers don't tend to do well when the opposing team reaches the century mark. That could be key for the Jazz.