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After receiving 100 nominees of naughty or nice company policies submitted by customers, Consumer Reports presented 10 companies it put on a naughty list and 10 companies on a nice list.

"It’s neither an endorsement nor a repudiation of the overall company. Rather, it’s a thumbs-up or down on a specific policy or practice. We also acknowledge that the companies excluded from the list might have similar policies," Consumer Reports said.

Check out the naughty and nice list of companies, for easier holiday shopping.

This is the nice list. To see the naughty list go here .

Drury Hotels
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Type of business: Hotels

Specific policy: With a motto "the extras aren't extra," they live up to it. The price of the room includes: hot breakfast, hot food every evening, soft drinks and popcorn in the lobby, wireless high-speed Internet everywhere, 60 minutes of phone calls a day, swimming pool and fitness center, 24-hour business center with free incoming and outgoing faxes, HBO and soon there will be flat-screen TVs in every room.

Home Depot
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Type of business: Home Improvement store

Specific policy: Home Depot disposes of old appliances that you replaced without charging you for hauling it off your property. They also will set up and test the new product.

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Type of business: Automobile

Specific policy: Honda equipment has made more than 94 percent of its 2013 models to include driver visibility. The high-end new features, such as rearview cameras, are standard equipment for their models.

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Type of business: Clothing, appliance retailer

Specific policy: Kohl's has a "no Questions Asked - Hassle Free" return policy for all purchases.

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Type of business: High-end retail

Specific policy: Free shipping and returns on any orders.


Type of business: Housewares manufacturer

Specific policy: They have a no-exceptions pledge. Any item can be returned if you're not satisfied. It can be returned, replaced or refunded.

PNC Bank
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Type of business: Bank

Specific policy: Out of 10 banking giants, this company was the only one to offer a free basic checking account. It also doesn't require customers to maintain a minimum balance to keep it free.

Publix supermarkets
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Type of business: Grocery store

Specific policy: If the product scans in with a higher price than the shelf or advertised price, Publix, a Florida-based grocer, gives the customer one free item of that item, plus the original is sold at the price listed on the tag.

Red Wing Shoe Co.
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Type of business: Shoes

Specific policy: Unconditional 30-day comfort guarantee allows you to return your shoes if they are uncomfortable at all for a refund or exchange them for another pair.

Safeway Supermarkets
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Type of business: Grocery store

Specific policy: This store will refund or replace any produce that does not fit into the "fresh and delicious" category.

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