Julio Cortez, AP

The Utah Jazz and Brooklyn Nets have at least two things in common: both are coming off of losses and each team has struggled over its last 10 games.

The Jazz have dropped two straight, including a loss at home to the Memphis Grizzlies. With that loss, the Jazz are just 5-5 in the last 10 games. They're also struggling on the road, winning four out of 10 road-games.

The Nets aren't exactly on a hot-streak either. They're just 4-6 in their last 10 games and are just 8-5 at home. Even though the Jazz struggle on the road, the Nets aren't exactly stellar when it comes to playing at home.

Here's a look at how the Jazz and Nets compare so far on the season.

Julio Cortez, AP

Jazz PPG: 99.88

Jazz opponents PPG: 99.16

Nets PPG: 95.91

Nets opponents PPG: 93.78

PPG=Points Per Game

Brooklyn is fifth in the NBA in points allowed per game. So the fact that they don't score much is negated by how little they let their opponents score.

Field Goal Percentage
Julio Cortez, AP

Jazz FG%: 44.9

Jazz opponents FG%: 45.1

Nets FG%: 44.1

Nets opponents FG%: 46.1

FG%=Field Goal Percentage

Only the Suns, Cavaliers and Blazers let opposing teams shoot from the field better than the Nets. If the Jazz can take advantage of that, they'll have a better chance of pulling off a victory.

3-Point Percentage
Julio Cortez, AP

Jazz 3PT%: 37

Jazz opponents 3PT%: 37

Nets 3PT%: 34.4

Nets opponents 3PT%: 34.6

3PT%=3-Point Percentage

At No. 8 in the league, the Jazz are one of the best teams in the league at shooting from behind the arc. The bad news for Jazz fans is that Utah's opponents shoot very well from deep as well.

Julio Cortez, AP

Jazz APG: 22.76

Jazz opponents APG: 20.52

Nets APG: 21.26

Nets opponents APG: 20.30

APG=Assists Per Game

Even with Deron Williams, the Nets are just 18th in the league in assists per game, while his former team is No. 5. As the Nets struggle to pass the ball, the Jazz are one of the best teams at limiting assists by the opponent.

Free Throw Percentage
Tom Smart, Deseret News

Jazz FT%: 76.2

Nets FT%: 73.3

Coming in at No. 22, not too many teams shoot worse from the stripe than the Nets. The Jazz shoot better from the line than the Nets, but Brooklyn is No. 26 in the league in fouls per game, and doesn't send its opponents to the line very often.

Only four teams get fouled more than the Nets. That could be a bad combination for the struggling Jazz. The Nets might get a lot of shot attempts from the line.

Tom Smart, Deseret News

Jazz TO: 14.88

Jazz opponents TO: 14.52

Nets TO: 14.17

Nets opponents TO: 13.91

TO=Turnovers per game

The Jazz might have a hard time forcing the Nets to turn the ball over, as Brooklyn ranks No. 24 in turnovers per game.

Tom Smart, Deseret News

Jazz SPG: 8.24

Jazz opponents SPG: 8.00

Nets SPG: 6.91

Nets opponents SPG: 7.57

SPG=Steals Per Game

The Jazz should be able to prevent the Nets from getting very many steals as Brooklyn is No. 26 in steals per game. But the Jazz might struggle to steal the ball from the Nets, as only eight teams get the ball stolen less than Brooklyn.

Tom Smart, Deseret News

Jazz RPG: 43.32

Jazz opponents RPG: 42.20

Nets RPG: 41.83

Nets opponents RPG: 39.65

RPG=Rebounds Per Game

The Jazz are No. 9 in the league in rebounding but No. 15 in rebounds allowed. The Nets are the opposite, as they don't grab a great deal of rebounds per game but they're No. 4 in rebounds allowed.

Julio Cortez, AP

Jazz BPG: 6.84

Jazz opponents BPG: 6.16

Nets BPG: 5.13

Nets opponents BPG: 4.17

BPG=Blocks Per Game

The Jazz are No. 4 in the NBA in blocks per game. But the Jazz are No. 7 when it comes to getting their own shots blocked. Only four teams get blocked less than the Nets, meaning Derrick Favors and the Jazz might have a hard time swatting shots in Brooklyn.

The Century Mark
Tom Smart, Deseret News

When Jazz score 100: 7-3

When opponents score 100: 4-7

When Nets score 100: 5-2

When opponents score 100: 3-7

Neither team reaches the century mark very often, but letting their opponents reach it can be dier. Both teams really struggle when their opponents score 100 in a game.