Tom Smart, Deseret News

The 12-10 Utah Jazz will host the 18-4 San Antonio Spurs tonight.

The Jazz have been a great team at home this season, boasting a home-record of 8-1. But the Spurs are equally as good on the road as the Jazz are at home.

It's no secret, the Spurs are one of the best teams in the league. The Jazz will have their hands full agains the Spurs, who are a stellar 11-2 on the road, and 18-4 overall.

Here's a look at how the two teams compare on the season.

Tom Smart, Deseret News

Jazz PPG: 101.27

Jazz opponents PPG: 99.32

Spurs PPG: 105.91

Spurs opponents PPG: 97.27

PPG=Points Per Game

The Spurs are No. 2 in the NBA in scoring and allow fewer points per game than the Jazz. That could spell trouble for the Jazz, even at home.

You don't have to look very far back to see how potent the Spurs offense is. They scored 120 in regulation and 134 overall in their last game against the Rockets, a game they won in overtime.

Field Goal Percentage
Tom Smart, Deseret News

Jazz FG%: 45.1

Jazz opponents FG%: 45.2

Spurs FG%: 48.5

Spurs opponents FG%: 43.2

FG%=Field Goal Percentage

The Spurs are extraordinarily efficient on offense. They rank third in the NBA in field goal percentage, but they also defend the shot well. The Spurs, in terms of opponents' field goal percentage, have the 7th-best defense in the league. The Jazz hover in the middle of the league in both categories.

The long ball
Tom Smart, Deseret News

Jazz 3PT%: 37.4

Jazz opponents 3PT%: 36.5

Spurs 3PT%: 37.6

Spurs opponents 3PT%: 34.2

3PT%=3-Point Percentage

Finally an offensive category where the Spurs don't rank in the top five. But barely. The Spurs are No. 7 in the league in 3-point shooting percentage. The Jazz are right behind the Spurs in this area, coming in at No. 8.

Free throw percentage
Eric Gay, AP

Jazz FT%: 76.7

Spurs FT%: 79.1

FT%=Free Throw Percentage

At no. 5 in the NBA, the Spurs are good at shooting from the stripe. If the game is a close one, free throws could be the difference.

The Jazz are among the best in the NBA at sending opponents to the free throw line. They will need to avoid having to foul late in the game if they hope to get a win.

Tom Smart, Deseret News

Jazz APG: 22.86

Jazz opponents APG: 20.73

Spurs APG: 25.77

Spurs opponents APG: 20.23

APG=Assists Per Game

If there's one thing both of these teams do well, it's pass the ball. The Spurs are No. 1 in the league in assists per game, while the Jazz are No. 4.

Both teams also prevent assists. The Spurs are no. 7 in defending assists per game, and it might surprise Jazz fans to learn that only 10 teams allow fewer assists per game than the Jazz.

Eric Gay, AP

Jazz SPG: 8.23

Jazz opponents SPG: 7.86

Spurs SPG: 8.09

Spurs opponents SPG: 8.46

SPG=Steals Per Game

Only five teams get the ball stolen more than the Spurs. This is an opportunity for the Jazz to get quick and easy buckets on the break if they'll play defense.

Eric Gay, AP

Jazz TO: 14.86

Jazz opponents TO: 14.82

Spurs TO: 15.41

Spurs opponents TO: 14.86

TO=Turnover per game

As good as the Spurs are at shooting the ball, they aren't as good at taking care of it. Only nine teams turn the ball over less than the Jazz while only eight teams turn it over more than the Spurs.

Again, for the Jazz, it all comes back to defense. The opportunity for the Jazz to get some easy buckets will probably present itself.

Tom Smart, Deseret News

Jazz RPG: 43.68

Jazz opponents RPG: 41.64

Spurs RPG: 42.86

Spurs opponents RPG: 42.27

RPG=Rebounds Per Game

The absence of Derrick Favors has cost the Jazz a few rebounds per game, but they're still better on the glass than the Spurs. If the Jazz pound the boards in addition to limiting the Spurs' offensive rebounding, they'll have a better chance at coming out with a victory.

That means Al Jefferson, Paul Millsap, Derrick Favors and Enes Kanter need to box out Tim Duncan, Tiago Splitter and DeJuan Blair.

Tom Smart, Deseret News

Jazz BPG: 6.96

Jazz opponents BPG: 5.96

Spurs BPG: 5.14

Spurs opponents BPG: 5.23

BPG=Blocks Per Game

Since losing Favors to an injury, the Jazz have blocked less and gotten blocked more, but Favors is now a game-time decision.

Also, the Spurs aren't exactly a great shot-blocking team. They rank No. 17 in blocks per game.

The century mark
Tom Smart, Deseret News

When Jazz score 100: 7-3

When opponents score 100: 4-7

When Spurs score 100: 13-2

When opponents score 100: 7-3

For the Jazz to stand a chance at beating the Spurs, they need to hold them under 100 points. The Spurs lose just 15 percent of the time when they reach the century mark.

It appears the Jazz know it too. When asked how the Jazz will beat the Spurs, Paul Millsap said, "We've got to make it uncomfortable for them on the defensive end."