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Using long-practiced tricks of the trade, restaurants know how to get as much money out of their customers as possible. On average, the American household spends $2,500 per year on restaurants, according to an article by Money News Talk. However, households can save some of that money by understanding the techniques restaurants use to make more money. Here are the techniques, according to Money News Talk:

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Complimentary appetizers are generally salty, which makes you thirsty and more likely to buy more drinks.

Menu design
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Dishes that are most expensive are placed on the right side because eyes tend to look to the right first. Boxes and borders attract patrons and increase sales.

Dollar signs
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Or more like the lack of dollar signs. A Cornell study showed guests spent more when menus don't have a dollar signs or when the price number is written out.

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Sales increased by 27 percent when flowery descriptions were given to an item rather than a simple name, Money News Talk says.

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Customers are more likely to leave higher tips when the server takes personal interest in them.

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Classical music, which is associated with affluence, increases spending at restaurants.

Package deals
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All-you-can-eat buffets usually start with foods that are low-cost like bread and salad. The same goes for sugary juices that fill you up, and sometimes uncomfortable chairs that make long periods of sitting uncomfortable.

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Lounges are available often, so when customers who are waiting to be seated choose to go there while they wait, they end up tipping twice.

Soup and Salad
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These items are often marked up 350 percent from what the restaurant pays, according to Money News Talk.

Questionable specials
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These often include leftover ingredients or soon-to-expire food. Sometimes these specials are priced lower, but other times they cost just as much as the regular food.