Jonathan Bachman, AP

The 8-7 Utah Jazz travel to Louisiana to take on the 4-9 New Orleans Hornets.

Both teams are coming off of wins, as the Jazz defeated the Nuggets Monday at home 105-103, and the Hornets got a solid 105-98 road-win against the Clippers.

The Jazz might have a better record, but have struggled on the road going 2-7, including losses to the Hornets and 4-10 Sacramento Kings.

The first time these teams faced off this season, ended with the Jazz losing 88-86. The Jazz will look to improve their bad road record and get revenge against the Hornets for the early season defeat.

Jonathan Bachman, AP

Jazz PPG: 98.87

Jazz opponents PPG: 98.40

Hornets PPG: 94.54

Hornets opponents PPG: 99.85

PPG=Points Per Game

The Hornets' offense is No. 23 in the NBA, while the Jazz have the No. 14. The Hornets' defense is No. 20 in the league, showing that the Hornets have problems on both ends of the floor.

Field Goal Percentage
Jonathan Bachman, AP

Jazz FG%: 43.3

Jazz opponents FG%: 44.4

Hornets FG%: 44.5

Hornets opponents FG%: 45.5

FG%=Field Goal Percentage

The Hornets shoot a little better from the field than the Jazz, who's shooting ranks 22nd in the NBA. But teams playing against the Hornets tend to shoot well. If the Jazz have good shot selection, they should be able to outshoot the Hornets.

3-Point Percentage
Jonathan Bachman, AP

Jazz 3PT%: 35.1

Jazz opponents 3PT%: 38

Hornets 3PT%: 41.4

Hornets opponents 3PT%: 39.5

3PT%=3-Point Percentage

If there's one thing New Orleans does well, it's shoot 3-pointers. The Hornets 3-point field goal percentage is No. 3 in the league while Utah's is No. 17. But the Hornets and Jazz rank No. 29 and No. 26 in defensive 3-point shot percentage.

Both of these teams could really light it up from beyond the arc.

Free Throw Percentage
Jonathan Bachman, AP

Jazz FT%: 79.4

Hornets FT%: 75.8

FT%=Free Throw Percentage

One thing the Jazz need to avoid is being in a situation where they have to foul, as the Hornets are the fifth best team at shooting from the line.

The other scary thing about this statistic is that the Jazz tend to foul a lot. Only six teams foul more than the Utah Jazz, while the New Orleans Hornets don't foul that much, ranking No. 21 in the NBA in fouls per game.

Jonathan Bachman, AP

Jazz APG: 22

Jazz opponents APG: 21.2

Hornets APG: 22.08

Hornets opponents APG: 23.23

APG=Assists Per Game

The Jazz are a good passing team, but the Hornets are even better, getting more assists than all but seven teams. But only three teams allow more assists per game than the Hornets. Jamaal Tinsley could have 10-plus assists in this game, like he has multiple multiple times already this season.

Jonathan Bachman, AP

Jazz RPG: 44.93

Jazz opponents RPG: 42.07

Hornets RPG: 40.85

Hornets opponents RPG: 41.15

RPG=Rebounds Per Game

The Jazz are a top 10 rebounding team and the Hornets are in the bottom 10. Derrick Favors, Al Jefferson and Paul Millsap could all have a big night on the boards.

Jonathan Bachman, AP

Jazz TO: 15.13

Jazz opponents TO: 14.07

Hornets TO: 14.62

Hornets opponents TO: 12.85

TOTurnovers Per Game

For a team that has been struggling as badly as the Hornets, they sure don't turn the ball over much. But the Hornets are absolutely dreadful at taking the ball from opposing teams, ranking 29th in the league. That's a big advantage for the Jazz.

Jonathan Bachman, AP

Jazz SPG: 7.67

Jazz opponents SPG: 8.27

Hornets SPG: 5.85

Hornets opponents SPG: 7.69

SPG=Steals Per Game

Only two NBA teams get fewer steals per game than the Hornets but the Jazz tend to get the ball taken away quite a bit. The Jazz should be able to get a couple of extra stops against the Hornets.

Associated Press

Jazz BPG: 7.4

Jazz opponents BPG: 5.67

Hornets BPG: 5.69

Hornets opponents BPG: 7.23

BPG=Blocks Per Game

Only two teams get shots blocked more than the Hornets. Utah is tied for the No. 1 spot when it comes to swatting opponents' shots.

Favors averages two blocks per game for the Jazz. That's No. 12 in the NBA. He and the other Jazz big men should be licking their chops at the thought of blocking so many shots in New Orleans.

The 100 Mark
Jonathan Bachman, AP

When Jazz score 100: 5-1

When opponents score 100: 3-4

When Hornets score 100: 2-3

When opponents score 100: 0-7

This game could be a done-deal for the Jazz if they can score 100 points. The Hornets are struggling mightily right now and haven't won a game this season when allowing 100-plus points.