Barry Gutierrez, AP

The 7-7 Utah Jazz are hosting the 8-6 Denver Nuggets tonight in Salt Lake City.

The Nuggets are riding a four-game winning streak while the Jazz are trying to recover from a road-loss to the Sacramento Kings. But the Jazz are perfect at home so far this season, with a 5-0 record.

Here's a look at how the two teams stack up against each other statistically.

Barry Gutierrez, AP

Jazz PPG: 98.43

Jazz opponents PPG: 98.07

Nuggets PPG: 99.14

Nuggets opponents PPG: 97.79

PPG=Points Per Game

Unlike the last time these teams faced each other, this game could go down to the wire. Both teams score within a point of each other on average and allow their opponents to score about the same.

Field Goal Percentage
Barry Gutierrez, AP

Jazz FG%: 43.1

Jazz opponents FG%: 43.7

Nuggets FG%: 45

Nuggets opponents FG%: 43.1

FG%=Field Goal Percentage

The Jazz are 23rd in the league when it comes to shooting percentage. The Nuggets might be able to capitalize on that. The Jazz are the 10th best in defensive field goal percentage, but the Nuggets are stellar at 3rd. That could be a key factor.

3-Point Percentage
Barry Gutierrez, AP

Jazz 3PT%: 35

Jazz opponents 3PT%: 38.2

Nuggets 3PT%: 31.6

Nuggets opponents 3PT%: 38.1

3PT%=3-Point Percentage

Shooting from beyond the arc isn't exactly a strength for the Nuggets, as they rank No. 25 in the NBA. The Jazz might be able to take over with some 3-pointers.

Free Throw Percentage
Barry Gutierrez, AP

Jazz FT%: 76.1

Nuggets FT%: 67.6

The Nuggets are the worst team in the NBA at the free throw line. It might not matter too much that only six teams foul more than the Jazz if the Nuggets can't convert at the line.

Barry Gutierrez, AP

Jazz APG: 22.21

Jazz opponents APG: 21.14

Nuggets APG: 21.57

Nuggets opponents APG: 23.36

APG=Assists Per Game

When it comes to sharing the ball, Utah is pretty stellar. The Jazz are No. 7 at assists per game. Only Charlotte and Cleveland give up more assists than Denver.

Barry Gutierrez, AP

Jazz TO: 15.21

Jazz opponents TO: 13.86

Nuggets TO: 16.43

Nuggets opponents TO: 13.93

TO=Turnovers Per Game

Maybe it's the result of playing in such high elevation, but whatever the reason, the Nuggets struggle to hold onto the ball. Only five teams turn the ball over more than Denver. The Jazz should be able to capitalize on that and get some easy buckets.

Barry Gutierrez, AP

Jazz RPG: 45.93

Jazz Opponents RPG: 42.36

Nuggets RPG: 47.93

Nuggets Opponents RPG: 41

RPG=Rebounds Per Game

This will be an interesting stat to keep track of. The Jazz are No. 4 while the Nuggets are No. 2 on the boards. if the Jazz can do a good job on the glass, they'll have a better shot at beating the Nuggets.

Barry Gutierrez, AP

Jazz SPG: 7.57

Jazz opponents SPG: 8.43

Nuggets SPG: 7.5

Nuggets opponents SPG: 8.86

SPG=Steals Per Game

Neither team does a very good job at stealing the ball, as both rank in the middle of the league in steals and allow their opponents to do it more than they do.

Barry Gutierrez, AP

Jazz BPG: 7.5

Jazz opponents BPG: 5.71

Nuggets BPG: 7.07

Nuggets opponents BPG: 6.64

BPG=Blocks Per Game

Another area where the teams are well-matched. Derrick Favors might have a block-fest tonight, as he had five blocks the last time these teams met.

The 100 mark
Steve C Wilson, AP

When Jazz score 100: 4-1

When opponent scores 100: 2-4

When Nuggets score 100: 6-3

When opponent scores 100: 1-4

The Jazz will be in good shape if they can reach the century mark. The Nuggets have only won a single contest when the opposing team scored 100 ir more.