Gratitude is an attitude that can be cultivated daily.

Watch the following videos of people who suffer from medical conditions, face day-to-day challenges or are simply grateful for what they have, and it will be easy to recognize your own blessings.

Jessica's affirmations

Wouldn't it be nice if you could start every day feeling exhilarated about your hair and believing you could do anything good?

This video of a young girl expressing her gratitude for just about everything has been an inspiration to millions of viewers on YouTube.

Nick Vujicic

Motivational speaker Nick Vujicic says he decided not to look at what he can't do but to be grateful for the things he can experience in this life.

This inspiring video has more than 34 million views on YouTube.

God will lift us up

Brittany has found things to be thankful for — even though she has been diagnosed with a life-long medical condition. Looking to others who are in hard situations has helped Brittany cope with her challenges.

Funny thankful kids

You know you can get honest answers out of children. When asked what they are thankful for, it's not a surprise that these children list some of the most important blessings (along with candy and video games).

Blogger 'Nie Nie' expresses gratitude

After 80 percent of her body was burned in an airplane crash, Stephanie Nielson has made it her goal to focus on what she has and to be grateful for life.

A day in the life of a warrior mom
FOX Carolina

In July, Stephanie Lindstrom, mother of two in Greer, S.C., received the first-ever triple organ transplant. After months of therapy, she was able to return home.

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Gratitude shown through singing

Emanuel was born in Iraq, where he and his brother were found in a shoe box. He appears on "The X Factor" to express his gratitude by singing John Lennon's "Imagine."

Mormon Helping Hands

Thousands of volunteers from The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, along with volunteers from other faiths, gathered to help their neighbors following Hurricane Sandy.

Members of the community expressed gratitude for the much-needed assistance.

Scott Hamilton's grateful heart

Despite being drained physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually, in his heart, all Scott Hamilton wanted to do was say thank you.

He chose to see his brain tumor as a gift.

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Original short film

This short film is filled with beautiful cinematography that reminds us of the beauty surrounding us.