Ravell Call, Deseret News

The Utah Jazz continue look to get their second road victory in a row in Boston, Wednesday night. Utah got its first road win of the season against Toronto in a triple overtime thriller. The Jazz head into Boston with an overall record of 4-4 but are just 1-4 away from home. The Celtics boast a record of 4-3 and are coming off a solid win in Chicago. The Celtics haven't fared too well at home this season, coming out with just one win in three home contests. Here's a look at how the Jazz and Celtics compare statistically on the season.

Ravell Call, Deseret News

Jazz PPG: 100.75

Jazz opponents PPG: 99.88

Celtics PPG: 97.29

Celtics opponents PPG: 98.86

PPG=Points Per Game

The Jazz currently rank fifth in the NBA in points per game as a team, the Celtics are 16th. Fortunately for the Jazz, the Celtics are having a hard time stopping opposing offenses. If the Jazz can score often, getting a second road win is much more easy. A stretch like the one they suffered in Denver--a long stretch without a bucket--would seriously hurt them.

Field Goal Percentage
Steve C Wilson, AP

Jazz FG%: 44.6

Jazz opponents FG%: 42.9

Celtics FG%: 46.4

Celtics opponents FG%: 45.5

Only a handful of teams force opponents to shoot a lower field goal percentage than Utah does, but that doesn't mean the Jazz have impressed. They're shooting worse than the Celtics opponents to this point.

Combined with frequent scoring, lock-down defense will contribute significantly to a road win, and that starts with shutting down Rajon Rondo, something they've struggled to do historically.

3-Point Percentage
Ravell Call, Deseret News

Jazz 3PT%: 34

Jazz opponents 3PT%: 35

Celtics 3PT%: 34.3

Celtics opponents 3PT%: 36.3

Except for Randy Foye, the Jazz could barely hit the backboard from beyond the arc for a few games, but that changed in the triple overtime thriller in Toronto. The Jazz made 14-26 from deep, and a large chunk of that was Utah's newfound deep threat, Paul Millsap. Al Jefferson probably won't even shoot a 3-pointer, but count on Randy Foye launching a few.

Free throw percentage
Charles Krupa, AP

Jazz FT%: 75

Jazz opponents FT%: 75.2

Celtics FT%: 80.2

Celtics opponents FT%: 79.1

The Jazz were 34-43 from the stripe in Toronto, while the Raptors shot 23-30. Making 11 more free throws than the opposing team doesn't ensure victory, but it definitely helps.

In any wire-to-wire game, free throws count.

Ravell Call, Deseret News

Jazz TO: 15.88

Jazz opponents TO: 14.63

Celtics TO: 14

Celtics opponents TO: 14.71

Boston is one of the best teams in the league when it comes to turnovers. Only five teams turn the ball over less than the Celtics.

The Jazz will need to take care of the ball, because Boston won't make a whole lot of mistakes. That's what you expect from a veteran team.

Note: The New York Knicks turn the ball over less than any team in the league, but force 18 a game. That's part of the reason they're the last undefeated team.

Ravell Call, Deseret News

Jazz SPG: 8.25

Jazz opponents SPG: 9.75

Celtics SPG: 7.14

Celtics opponents SPG: 8.57

While Utah steals the ball more, Boston gets it stolen less. Each team gets the ball stolen about 1.5 times more than it steals the ball. This is near the bottom of the league in differential.

Ravell Call, Deseret News

Jazz RPG: 44.88

Jazz opponents RPG: 44.50

Celtics RPG: 37.29

Celtics opponents RPG: 42

The Jazz need to box out better. They aren't outrebounding teams by large margins, and against Toronto, they got beat badly. The Raptors outrebounded Utah 52-46 overall and 22-11 on the offensive glass. However, the Jazz rank sixth in the NBA in total rebounds.

The Celtics struggle badly at rebounding, ranking dead-last in total rebounds and get outrebounded by almost five per game.

A strong night on the boards could influence the outcome of this game significantly.

Jim Urquhart, AP

Jazz BPG: 3.86

Jazz opponents BPG: 4.43

Celtics BPG: 8.25

Celtics opponents BPG: 6.13

Look for the Jazz to block a lot of shots in Boston. Utah is one of the better teams in the league in blocks per game and Boston is near the bottom.

Gordon Hayward has gotten some key blocks in games so far, but the real player to watch in this game is Derrick Favors.

Favors is averaging four blocks per contest in the last three games and 2.5 per game for the season. He also averages 4.97 blocks per 48 minutes, third in the NBA.

Jazz fans are hoping for a block party in Boston.


Jazz APG: 21.5

Jazz opponents APG: 22

Celtics APG: 25

Celtics opponents APG: 23.86

The Celtics might have a record of just 4-3, but they share the ball well. Boston leads the league in assists per game, and by comparison, Utah is in the middle of the pack.

Look at Boston's point guard, and it's easy to see why so many shots are assisted. Again, someone's going to have to keep Rajon Rondo in check, or it could be a long night.

The 100 mark
Ravell Call, Deseret News

When Jazz score 100: 2-1

When opponents score 100: 1-3

When Celtics score 100: 2-2

When opponents score 100: 0-2

The Jazz lone win when their opponent scored 100+ came against the 1-6 Raptors in triple overtime. Yeah.

If the Jazz can hold Boston under the century mark, they'll stand a better chance. Neither team has done well when its opponent has reached 100.

First to 100 wins!