Ann Heisenfelt, AP

The Knicks finally lost, the Grizzlies are devouring every team that crosses their path and the Wizards still look terrible. There has been a lot of movement in the NBA with the Pistons destroying the 76ers in Philadelphia and the Jazz getting two wins on the road. Here's the NBA power rankings based on analysis by the Deseret News.

30 #30 Washington Wizards
Ann Heisenfelt, AP

Previous Deseret News rank: 29 ranking: 29

Record: 0-8

Streak: L8

The Wizards came close to getting their first win of the season, but couldn't put a complete game together at home against the Jazz. The Wizards are still winless and still at the bottom of the league.

29 #29 Orlando Magic
Phelan M. Ebenhack, AP

Previous Deseret News rank: 26 ranking: 28

Record: 3-6

Streak: L1

Losing to the Toronto Raptors by 11, while managing to score just 86 points doesn't bode well for a team. The Magic miss Dwight Howard and they probably miss winning too.

28 #28 Cleveland Cavaliers
Amy Sancetta, AP

Previous Deseret News rank: 24 ranking: 27

Record: 2-8

Streak: L6

27 #27 Sacramento Kings
Ravell Call, Deseret News

Previous Deseret News rank: 27 ranking: 23

Record: 2-8

Streak: L5

Too young, too inexperienced, too unpolished. Give Jimmer some playing time for crying out loud.

26 #26 Detroit Pistons
Carlos Osorio, AP

Previous Deseret News rank: 30 ranking: 30

Record: 2-9

Streak: W1

Winning two games helped this team's stock. Beating Bost by 20 doesn't hurt, and neither does crushing the 76ers in Philadelphia.

25 #25 Toronto Raptors
Lance Murphey, AP

Previous Deseret News rank: 28 ranking: 26

Record: 3-7

Streak: W1

Sure they beat the Magic but the Raptors still haven't done anything to climb out of the bottom of the league.

24 #24 Phoenix Suns
Ross D. Franklin, AP

Previous Deseret News rank: 22 ranking: 22

Record: 4-7

Streak: L3

Beating Denver by 10 is good, but losing three straight after that isn't.

23 #23 New Orleans Hornets
Gus Ruelas, AP

Previous Deseret News rank: 15 ranking: 13

Record: 3-5

Streak: L3

This team showed so much promise early on. Not sure what happened, but the Hornets are struggling and it doesn't seem to matter if Anthony Davis plays or not.

22 #22 Indiana Pacers
Darron Cummings, AP

Previous Deseret News rank: 19 ranking: 18

Record: 4-7

Streak: L1

Without Danny Granger, All-Star Roy Hibbert needs to step it up. But he hasn't. The Pacers look really bad.

21 #21 Denver Nuggets
Matt York, AP

Previous Deseret News rank: 10 ranking: 8

Record: 4-6

Streak: L3

The Nuggets have issues with consistency. They started the season 0-3, then won four straight before dropping three in a row, including a double-digit loss to the not so incredible Suns.

20 #20 Charlotte Bobcats

Previous Deseret News rank: 25 ranking: 25

Record: 4-4

Streak: L1

It's a bit surprising that the Bobcats are a .500 team right now and getting a "W" in Minnesota helps the team's resume. But overall, the Bobcats of Charlotte are failing to impress.

19 #19 Golden State Warriors
Associated Press

Previous Deseret News rank: 21 ranking: 24

Record: 5-5

Streak: L1

Losing to the Thunder doesn't hurt this team's stock, but it doesn't help either as the Warriors continue to look like a team constantly rebuilding.

18 #18 Houston Rockets
Pat Sullivan, AP

Previous Deseret News rank: 16 ranking: 19

Record: 4-6

Streak: L2

The Rockets have lost two in a row at home. Losing to the Heat is one thing, but the Lakers haven't exactly been stellar this season. Jeremy Lin dished out 10 assists but managed to score just five points.

17 #17 Portland Trail Blazers
Jeffrey D. Allred, Deseret News

Previous Deseret News rank: 23 ranking: 21

Record: 5-5

Streak: W3

Damian Lillard scored 16 in a win against the Bulls in which the Blazers had six players reach double figures in scoring. The Blazers have themselves a nice little winning streak.

16 #16 Utah Jazz

Previous Deseret News rank: 19 ranking: 16

Record: 5-6

Streak: W1

The Jazz were able to get two wins on their four-game road trip, but neither win looked pretty and both came against bad teams. The Jazz still look like a completely different team on the road.

15 #15 Atlanta Hawks
Todd Kirkland, AP

Previous Deseret News rank: 17 ranking: 15

Record: 4-4

Streak: W1

The Hawks destroyed the Kings, but the Kings are terrible. Atlanta still looks like a team that will be in the playoffs but probably won't do much against elite teams.

14 #14 Chicago Bulls
Charles Cherney, AP

Previous Deseret News rank: 7 ranking: 7

Record: 5-5

Streak: L2

A team that looked very good early on doesn't even look like the same team anymore. Losing to the Celtics at home before traveling to Portland to lose again. Carlos Boozer shot a dismal 2-8 from the field for just four points against the Blazers. The Bulls are starting to look like they really miss Derek Rose.

13 #13 Dallas Mavericks
Scott G Winterton, Deseret News

Previous Deseret News rank: 13 ranking: 17

Record: 6-5

Streak: W1

O.J. Mayo is good, but he can't carry the whole load. Dallas needs its stars back and fast.

12 #12 Minnesota Timberwolves
Jim Mone, AP

Previous Deseret News rank: 8 ranking: 11

Record: 5-4

Streak: L2

Getting a win in Dallas is always a good thing, but losing at home to the Bobcats, is not quite so good. Neither is losing two in a row.

11 #11 Philadelphia 76ers
Kathy Kmonicek, AP

Previous Deseret News rank: 17 ranking: 12

Record: 6-4

Streak: W2

Andrew Bynum's indefinite absence spells trouble for the Sixers who lost at home to the pitiful Pistons and the rising Bucks. But this team has answered with two consecutive wins. It looks really soft on the front court without Bynum though.

10 #10 Boston Celtics
Jim Rogash, AP

Previous Deseret News rank: 12 ranking: 10

Record: 6-5

Streak: L1

Just when it looks like the Celtics are about to become an elite team, they go and lose to the Pistons 103-83. Rajon Rondo continues to play, but that's not exactly true for the rest of the team.

9 #9 LA Lakers
Mark J. Terrill, AP

Previous Deseret News rank: 20 ranking: 9

Record: 5-5

Streak: W2

The Lakers are finally up to .500 this season after Kobe Bryant pulled off a nice triple-double. The new offense might already be a good thing in L.A.

8 #8 Brooklyn Nets
Mel Evans, AP

Previous Deseret News rank: 11 ranking: 14

Record: 6-2

Streak: W5

Five wins in a row isn't too bad, especially when it includes beating teams like the Celtics.

7 #7 Milwaukee Bucks
Mike Roemer, AP

Previous Deseret News rank: 14 ranking: 20

Record: 6-2

Streak: W3

The Bucks are riding a three-game winning streak and are looking good. That streak should continue when they play the Bobcats Monday night in Charlotte.

6 #6 Oklahoma City Thunder

Previous Deseret News rank: 6 ranking: 3

Record: 8-3

Streak: W2

The Thunder lost to the Grizzlies, but most teams are falling into that category. Kevin Martin looks like he's getting very comfortable with the Thunder.

5 #5 Miami Heat
Colin E. Braley, AP

Previous Deseret News rank: 5 ranking: 5

Record: 8-3

Streak: W2

The Heat are a good team but they don't seem to dominate quite like could, as evidenced by beating the struggling Rockets by just three and losing to the Clippers.

4 #4 San Antonio Spurs
Jae C. Hong, AP

Previous Deseret News rank: 1 ranking: 2

Record: 8-2

Streak: W1

The Spurs were able to hold off the Lakers but they weren't so fortunate against the Grizzlies. The Spurs have their problems, but they're still a very good team.

3 #3 LA Clippers
Eric Gay, AP

Previous Deseret News rank: 4 ranking: 6

Record: 7-2

Streak: W5

Beating the Miami Heat will help any team's stock rise. Add that to a solid win streak of five games and that gets the Clippers the No. 2 spot.

2 #2 New York Knicks
Jeff Zelevansky, AP

Previous Deseret News rank: 2 ranking: 1

Record: 7-1

Streak: W1

The Knicks have finally been beaten, but they're still one of the best team's in the NBA and rebounded to beat the Pacers 88-76. Melo and the Knicks may have cooled off, but not by much.

1 #1 Memphis Grizzlies
Lance Murphey, AP

Previous Deseret News rank: 3 ranking: 4

Record: 8-1

Streak: W8

The Grizzlies have surprised everyone, including the Thunder and Knicks. The Grizzlies also have the league's longest winning streak at eight games. Right now, this team is on fire.