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While a garage sale can be a good way to earn some extra money, some effort should be made to let it work without any problems. Following is a list of ten ideas that can help your garage sale go without a hitch. Information gathered from Frugal Dad.

Scheduling the sale
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Nothing ruins a yard sale quicker than rain. Check the 10-day forecast to schedule the sale on a day when a storm front isn't moving in.

Shoot for the first Saturday of the month, when more of your customers are likely to have gotten their paychecks.

The time of day is also very important. Some yard sale visitors can show up as early as 7:00 a.m.

Stage a pre-sale
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Invite friends and coworkers to a presale the night before.

This allows you to sell off the bigger items before the main sale.

Combine your sale with others
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With garage sales, there is strength in numbers. More product means more customers.

Hosting a garage sale as a block or with several families can increase interest and traffic.

Those involved can split the cost of advertising to make for cheaper operating costs.

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In addition to cheap signs, consider local resources for advertising.

Community websites, online classifieds websites and credit union bulletins are free.

For pricier items, you may want to consider paying for an ad in the local newspaper.

Yard Sale Signs
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Use poster board or some old cardboard and reliable markers to create simple signs.

Find other garage sales nearby and set up your signs at the end of their street to pick up more traffic.

Busy intersections are also a good place to set up signs.

Keep track of your signs so you don't leave any up once the sale is over.

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The main purpose people go to yard sales is to get a deal.

Leave the sentimental items inside, people will only pay for items they feel are worth the price.

Sell children or baby clothes in a bin with a sign indicating a low price for each item.

Managing Cash
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Make sure to get some change on hand ahead of time.

Fifty dollars in quarters, one and five-dollar bills should be enough.

Set up beforehand
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To ensure a quick set up in the morning, put your displays together the night before.

Store the displays in your garage or another safe place.

With some help, move the prepared tables out in the morning in order to be ready for your first customers.

Invest in a cash box

Not only are they a great way to organize money, but the key provides some security.

Stash larger bills under the tray to reduce the temptation for theft.

If the sale is making a lot of money, you may want to consider money drops, where you move the bigger bills to your house.

Teamwork is the key
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While most yard sale customers are honest collectors, a potential grab at loose cash or electronics could lure thieves.

Always make sure somebody you trust is watching the cash box, while the other person keeps an eye on merchandise.