Halloween is on the horizon. If you're ready to retire the bedsheet ghosts and felt cat ears, scroll through these clever costumes from Pinterest.

Box of raisins

Children may turn up their noses at receiving healthy snacks on Halloween, but they won't mind adding nutritional value to their costumes if they look this cute.

Source: KatherineMaries.com

The Weekend Homemaker

"Tangled," Disney's 2010 take on "Rapunzel," has young girls coveting long, golden locks.

Find a tutorial for Rapunzel hair on The Weekend Homemaker.

Source: The Weekend Homemaker

Cut-out doll

Paper dolls are classic toys, and they make for classy costumes.

This idea from Spoonful includes detailed templates and directions.

Source: Spoonful

Cotton candy
Costume Works

This carnival treat makes for a sweet costume.

You'll need pillow stuffing and a clown wig to put this creation together.

Source: Costume Works

Lego man costume

Legos and Indiana Jones. You can't possibly go wrong with this clever costume combo.

Source: Instructables

Lobster in a pot

This unusual (but adorable) idea incorporates cookware you likely have on hand.

Source: One Man's Blog


This costume won an award on Parenting.com in 2009. Three years later, it's still making the social media rounds as an aw-worthy idea.

Source: Parenting.com

Camel dog

If you want to include your four-legged friends in the festivities, try out this transformation.

Source: Capitola

Costume Works

This couples costume adds an original touch to the classic nerd getup.

Source: Costume Works

The Price is Right
A million things I love

Use cardboard and string to make your dream of competing on "The Price is Right" a Halloween reality.

Source: A million things I love

Dirty laundry

This is a great last-minute costume you can create from clothes strewn around the house. Simply drape, secure and go.

Source: Goodwill

Mouse caught in a mouse trap

Use plywood and a red wagon to create this costume and keep young trick-or-treaters snug throughout the night.

Costume Wworks

Black-and-white photo
Costume DB

It's amazing what some face paint and a monochromatic outfit can do. You can even mix it up by making text cards and going as silent-movie stars.

Source: Costume DB

Angry Birds

Using a yoga ball and paper-mache, you can make a simple Angry Birds costume.

Instructables provides step-by-step directions.

Source: Instructables


For classic gamers and group-costume fans, cardboard boxes and paint become the perfect mediums for recreating the gaming favorite.

Step-by-step instructions can be found on Instructables.

Source: Instructables

Comic book character

Recreate the dotted appearance of a comic-strip character with red face paint and dramatic expressions.

Source: Pintrest.com

Umbrella bat
Evil Mad Scientist

Use an old or cheap black umbrella to make anatomically correct bat wings. Add a black shirt and pants, and you're ready to celebrate.

Source: Evil Mad Scientist.

Daily Picks and Flicks

Use an old picture fame and some paint to recreate a work of art — or a vintage photograph.

Source: Daily Picks and Flicks

Tutu it up
The Train to Crazy

For princesses, ballerinas and fairies, tutus quickly turn a simple outfit into the perfect costume for little girls. Full, brightly colored tutus are simple to make with just tulle and ribbon.

Find instructions on The Train to Crazy.

Source: The Train to Crazy

Living Facebook

Who says Facebook is limited to the virtual realm? Bring the social site to life with some cardboard and paper printouts of your Facebook page.

Source: Instructables