10 CreditKarma.com

Scott C. Marsh, a financial advisor and part-time faculty at BYU's Marriott School, and his teaching assistants combed the Internet for sites that could help people financially, whether by helping them save money or providing a service for free that people usually paid for.

Marsh required that the websites be objective, user-friendly and insightful.

Here are 10 of the sites Marsh calls "the best."

Coming at No. 10 is CreditKarma.com, a site that lets you see your credit score and reports for free. It also offers ways to improve and protect your credit.

9 AnnualCreditReport.com

AnnualCreditReport.com is where you can get a free copy of your credit report from each of the credit bureaus (not at freecreditreport.com).

8 PrivacyRights.org

PrivacyRights.org lists your rights and how to protect your privacy online, whether protecting your own credit or handling the "do not call" list.

7 Glassdoor.com

Glassdoor.com lists salaries in different professions and compensation packages among other information for jobs in a particular area.

6 Powerpay.org

Powerpay.org is a free, anonymous debt calculator where debts and interest can be typed in, and you can see how to accelerate paying off what you owe.

5 Zillow.com

Zillow.com shows home appraisal values in the last few years along with other information based on recent home sales in the area.

4 ConsumerSearch.com

Marsh was buying a video recorder, looked it up on ConsumerSearch.com and found the highest-rated one along with a price. He printed it up, took it to Best Buy, and they price-matched — saving him $80.

3 Pricegrabber.com

Type in what you are shopping for on Pricegrabber.com, from furniture to flowers, and it will show the lowest price for it.

A smart phone app — the Red Laser app (it's $1) for the iPhone, Shop Savvy for Droid and search for Barcode Scanner for one for BlackBerry phones — will compare prices of an item using a photo of the barcode and show you where it is for the lowest price in your zip code.

Marsh said he hasn't ever had a salesperson not price match if you show them the competitor's prices listed on your phone.

2 Findabetterbank.com

"That should be very obvious by what [Findabetterbank.com] is," Marsh said. "It's an extremely efficient website."

1 Mint.com

Mint.com is a budgeting tool that was initially a competitor to Quicken, but Mint.com offered the same services for free. It was bought by Quicken.

"If you are paying for something off of Quicken, I suggest you go to Mint.com," Marsh said.