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High School Sports Records

      Welcome to the Deseret Morning News High School Records web site.
      Our goal is to get you to review the categories and performances compiled for the sports listed at the left of this screen. . . and then to try and better them.
      Chances are there are similar athletic achievements and marks at your high school — waiting to be researched and compiled or merely identified and submitted.
      If you have a performance for consideration, we've given you access to the official application form used by the Utah High School Activities Association. Send all completed applications to the UHSAA, and not to the Deseret Morning News.


      The Deseret Morning News' involvement in compiling top high school athletic achievements dates back to 1989, when Woods Cross running back Kitt Rawlings rushed for 423 yards in a football game. A call to the Utah High School Activities Association to inquire if that was a state record resulted in the reply that prep performances weren't being kept by the UHSAA.
      Scott Taylor, then the prep sports editor at the Deseret News, coordinated with UHSAA associate director Dave Wilkey to begin compiling Utah high school records.
      Some state records — in sports such as swimming and track and field — were already available in the UHSAA's yearbook. However, it was a single-event listing for each event, and it was determined that the effort would be to list as many as the top 10 performances in each category in each sport.
      Wilkey and Taylor prepared a list of record categories for each sport, based in part on the categories used in the record book of the National Federation of High Schools. A verification process for potential records was identified, and Wilkey crafted a records application form to be used by athletes, coaches and administrators.
      The sports categories were mailed to each of the high schools participating in UHSAA-sanctioned athletics. A number of individuals, coaches and administrators responded and provided the first batch of top performances.
      Benchmarks and standards were set in the categories where possible, and performances were compiled. Printouts of each sports listings — including the categories and the submitted performances — were frequently mailed to coaches. For many years, the records listings were included in game programs and handouts at state tournaments for the respective sports.
      As athletes, coaches, administrators, parents, former athletes and fans saw the records listings in printed form, they compared their own performances or top marks they were aware of and submitted them for consideration.
      The project remained an ongoing, albeit limited, project, as Taylor moved from his prep sports editors position to several different positions in and out of the sports staff. Several attempts were made to put the records online, but Taylor's reassignments as well as frequent staffing changes in the newspaper's online department kept this from becoming a reality until the summer of 2000.
      Some of the sports have extensive listings for most categories — see basketball, football, track and field and swimming as examples. Other sports — particularly the spring sports — have sparse listings. Surprising, a statistic-laden sport like baseball boasts a relatively few listed achievements.
      This list is a good start, but we're confident that there are many more recent and historical marks that should be included. We're hopeful that an online presence makes the information more accessible to those involved with prep sports and that they in turn will help these listings to grow in quantity and quality.
      The Deseret Morning News will continue to update the listing of top prep sports performances as they are submitted.

You can help

      Wondering what you can do to help make the's listing of high school sports records as complete and up-to-date as possible? Here are a few suggested methods to follow.

Current sports seasons

      After witnessing or performing an outstanding athletic performance, go online to the Deseret Morning News High School records site and compare it to existing performances. If it is worthy of being listed, gather the necessary documentation and signatures and submit it to the Utah High School Activities Association for approval.
      The UHSAA has a form which can be downloaded for printing available here:
      Make the web site's URL available to coaches, athletes, parents, statisticians and boosters.

Past performances

      Have a student, manager, parent or booster compile available sports records at your school. Some are kept in yearbooks, while others are posted in locker rooms, in coaches offices or in gymnasiums. Many are easily accessible and just need to be compiled and submitted.
      If a student needs a research project or a special, long-term assignment for a class, suggest they research individual, coaching and team records in a specific sport at your school.
      Contact former players, coaches and administrators who may have individual, team and coaching achievements worthy of consideration.

School pride

      Look at the records listings to see if there are categories that teams, individuals and coaches from your school might qualify.
      Found a records listing that is incomplete or incorrect? Send the correct information to the Utah High School Activities Association.
      Some listings are incomplete as far as date, site, score, complete names, opponents and such. If you have additional information that needs to be amended to a record, please forward the information to the Utah High School Activities Association.
      It's obvious in certain sports listings of the schools that have made a conscious effort to provide top-performance listings. Can your school match the effort?