Spenser Heaps, Deseret News
In our opinion: Utah's gang violence needs correction from the state
The roots of gang formation are complex and deeply entrenched, a problem that won’t be reversed without focused and long-term efforts across levels of government, family and community interaction.
Lynne Sladky, AP
Lois Collins: Political wrangling shouldn't disadvantage government workers
There's no surprise involved in the inability of a Republican president and a newly Democratic-controlled Congress to reach agreement on border security. But it is unfair that the argument is being waged on the backs of a segment of workers.
Kiichiro Sato, AP
Jay Evensen: Shutdown could make Utah less prepared for a recession
Moody’s Analytics published a stress test of the states last year. Utah finished 29th in a list of preparedness for a moderate recession. The shutdown isn't helping that.