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  • Best of the Deseret News – Access to featured stories from each section. Sort by featured, latest and most popular.
  • Digital Rich Reading Experience – Simple section and "swipe-through" navigation, plus easy to use grid and list interface allows you to quickly access stories.
  • Photos & Videos – View high resolution photos and streaming video.
  • Social Sharing – Share stories via email, text, Twitter, and Facebook
  • Offine Reading – Catch up on the latest news even when you don't have an internet connection.
  • Push Notifications – Stay informed with real time alerts on breaking news and important stories.

Pioneering news since 1850, Deseret News mobile app is the latest innovation when you need to know more. It's never been simpler to navigate, access and share news that matters

Experience a digital reach reading experience with elegant grid and lists views, high resolution photos and streaming videos, plus easy to navigate sections for local and national news, sports, opinion, business, family and faith.