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Should your child's teacher also be their therapist?
As more children and adolescents face mental health challenges, schools are finding themselves on the front-lines of support, yet often feel underprepared to meet students' needs.
Deanna Mandarino, Interfaith Youth Core
What does it take to become a more tolerant person? It begins with saying 'Hi'
The Masterpiece Cakeshop case is the latest in a series of lawsuits and legislative actions that bring protections for the LGBT community and protections for the religious community into conflict.
Nate Edwards, BYU Photo 2018
Dads are moving away from 'toxic' aspects of 'manliness' trying to be better fathers
Today's dads are more actively involved day-to-day in their children's lives than were fathers of bygone eras. And they seem to view their roles somewhat differently, too.