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A couple's child died in a skiing accident. Should they be able to have a grandchild by preserving his sperm?
A couple is asking a New York judge for the right to have a grandchild using the preserved sperm of their dead son. The case raises ethical questions about the rights of grandparents, the child that might be born and the deceased.
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Q&A: Arthur C. Brooks explains how a BYU briefcase made him a better person and how that applies to America’s 'culture of contempt'

America's "culture of contempt" needs love to overturn it, not just civility and tolerance, says Arthur C. Brooks in his new book "Love Your Enemies." In a Q&A with the Deseret News, Brooks explains why contempt is an opportunity and love a remedy.

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The rise of white nationalism is creeping onto Utah campuses. What you need to know
White supremacist groups have launched campaigns at college campuses across Utah and the country. Here's what experts, professors and students have to say about it.