Curtis Compton, Atlanta Journal-Constitution via Associated Press
What the Tiger Woods comeback story teaches us about forgiveness and redemption
It's been 10 years since Tiger Woods fell from grace, but with his recent Masters win, Americans seem willing to forgive and forget, even as we hold others accountable for things they did decades ago. What can we learn from the Woods saga?
Ilia Yefimovich, dpa via Associated Press
Researchers just 3D-printed a heart from human cells. Here's why scientists are excited ... and concerned
Need a new heart? In the future, scientists may be able to make you one. But the prospect of artificial organs is raising questions about life expectancy, resources and what it means to be human.
Matt Rourke, Associated Press
Anti-abortion Christians protest EPA loosening pollution standards, saying they will hurt unborn children
Anti-abortion Christians are among those protesting limits on considering health benefits in regulating mercury and other toxic emissions from industrial sources like coal-burning power plants.